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How to Apply or Register for Colored Voter ID Card- Get Digital Voter ID (EPIC) in Uttar Pradesh State? Full details of this andhra pradesh voter list 2013 - 2014 is published in ceo andhra website at PDF format for free download.
So many visitors are asking us through phones we answer them to check voter id card status online by using applications status option. At last 3 months back i have made voter card registration in online at that time i received a application number to my mobile number. If you have applied for your Voter ID card online you can always track and find out how much time will it take for you to get the Voter ID card. Recent CommentsAshish Banerjee on Nokia C1 release date,specs and Price in IndiaLokeshwaran.V. CEO Andhra Pradesh Voter list details and other information related to CEO Andhra nic in will be shared over with detailed analysis and steps. Here we share the complete guide on how to apply for voter id card ,duplicate voter id card and other information as well. Today we are going to share on how to download the voter id card online with complete steps as well .
Being the largest democratic country, the India has a peculiar characteristic of having an election after every five years. The Voters: The voters of the election are the citizen of the nation who are above the age of 18.
The New Voter ID: There are certain events when a citizen has to ask the election commission to issue him a new election card. The online tracking of the status of the card: The tracking of the status online is very easy.
These phrases will lead one to a concerned, helpful link with the help of which, one can check the status of the voter ID. Hence, it is very easy to check the status of the Voter ID online with the help of the efforts taken by the election commission of India. It is a direct passport to the polling booth for assembly and parliamentary Elections and hence affect the whole democracy by your choice of candidate. One is by checking with name and another one is by checking with application id.In the time of vote registration mobile number enrolled candidates got a message about their new voter id card enrollment number. After a 4 months gap i checked on today i wondered my Card is approved and it is in voter list .
Here you have to enter your name, the name of your district and other details in the tabs asked. As per the prevailing law, any person who is above 18 can have voting right and therefore every year the election commission and its team issue a number of new Voter IDs. It can be in the event of misplacement of the card or severe damage to the voter ID.  In case of a change of address or an error in the Name, Address, Age or Image also one has to ask for the new Voter ID. One just needs to visit the official website of the election commission of the concerned state.
Once the link is found, one needs to enter the application number which he gets while applying. It is not only restricted for polling purpose but a Voter ID Card also acts as an identity proof, you can also use it to book tatkal tickets and get driving license.
Even though modified election voter list released there are several mistakes and several names to change.

We noticed that in last electoral rolls there are thousands of names need to change and hundrads of names need to include. So i am very happy about this , i also got the chance to vote in 2014 election in andhra pradesh. At times these cards have some errors or mistakes which means you will have to go through voter id correction procedure to get errors rectified on time. Get your voter card if you do not have one by visiting this link. The Central Government of India has allocated different websites for different states of India which helps in easy status tracking of your voter ID card.
Voter id status list is india's finest and most trusted voter id card website to share most of the information voter id card , politics , society , public. The Citizens, being responsible to do good to the nation play vital role in the election process.
The voter ID is a primary document form the government of India to its citizens which bears the Name, Age, Sex, Address and Image of the citizen.
There he needs to find the proper link with various terms such as check my status or track the voter ID. This application number has to be kept secured by the concerned applicant for this reason.  As soon as the application number is provided to the system in the concerned link, within a few seconds the status of the application is provided by the system. Click Here to get a List of Upcoming Assembly Elections in 2016From voting right to Photo identity proof, Voter ID card plays an important role in one’s life.With the help of this article you are going to how to check your TamilNadu Voter ID Status without wasting too much time.
We highlight to you the process of getting a Voter ID Card, the various forms that has to be submitted whereas in this article we will tell you the various ways to check the status of your Voter ID Card- online and offline.Many a times various questions might have haunt you like- Can I check the status of my Voter ID Card through SMS?
Even some people enroll their names in ceo andhra by filling ceoandhra registration form 6a , not approved their .
Election Commission of India is trying its best to improve their online services by introducing Android App based Services etc., (currently only available for Voter ID Card Tamil Nadu) so that every Individual who is of 18 years or above can become a part of the Electoral System of the country without fail. By selecting your region you can easily track the status of your Voter ID card and you can get all answers to your queries from the website itself. They need to elect a perfect candidate from contesting various candidates and the candidate with a majority of the votes is declared as a winner. It takes all the necessary actions to prepare the database of the citizens and whole election schedule.
One just has to fill an online application with supporting documents and in case the card is lost, one has to lodge an FIR and also attach a copy of the same with the application.
One can also input the phrase such as online status of the voter card as well as just the status of the voter ID. How do I check the status of my Voter ID Card in Pune?How much time would it take for the Election Commission of India to issue an Identity Card?
Le us inform the details to ceo officer please give them a little bit of time they will surely solve this problem. Nowadays, every service related to Voter ID Card has been made online – from Application to Correction. If we talk a few years ago it was very difficult to register for a new Voter ID card and then track the status of it, but thanks to the Indian government it is very easy now to register and check the for new Voter ID card. Therefore, reducing the need to visit the offices and standing in long queues to get things done. All the state websites for the election commission of India are developed in the same way in which by entering your application number you can get track of your ID card.
In previous article we already announced that the last date for voter id card name inclusion and voter id card correction , Voter id card objections is 17th dec.

Below we have mentioned the links to the consecutive state websites where you will get the tracking status of Voter ID card. For example, for getting age corrected, please attach proof of age such as Board Examination Result. This is because the online application saves you a trip to the election office and therefore saving you the hassle of lining up in long queues for long hours.
If you apply online then you’re likely to receive your Voter ID Card within 30 days from the day of your submission of the application form.Whereas if you go and apply straightaway from the CEO Office, it would take much more time, sometimes as much as 8-9 months. You can refer the same for filling the form Offline too. But this process involves waiting for a longer time to get completed. Therefore, if the elections are approaching, like a couple of months away, it is highly advisable that the citizens go for online application so that the voter id cards are issued just in time for them to be able to cast their votes.When Is It Necessary To Check The Status Of Voter Card?Consider a situation where you have completed the registration of the voter card.
The members of this board research on every possible information about Voter ID Card in India, speak to concerned Government Officials and verify the authenticity and accurateness of all Voter ID Card related information.
Lastly, the card may get lost during transit.You should wait at least a month if you have applied for your voter card update online. If however, you don’t get any response within 2 to 3 months you should log in to the CEO website to know at which stage your application is stuck. One has to constantly follow news, opinions, event and data to make sure that the elected representative or the government is living up to the expectations. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Notify me of follow-up comments by email.
Things keep on changing and there is always an opportunity to catch up and make up for the mistakes in choosing candidates that were made by the voters. You must login with that login name to enter the site to check the status of your election card.Click the link “EPIC Status” from the left navigation panel.
6 Identity Cards Indian Politicians Indian Politics Online Voter Card Online Voter Form No.
Supported by this fact, people without an internet connection can check their name in the voter list just by sending a simple text message. The ERO may seek a written complaint about the status of your card to take further action.Many operations performed for elections are accomplished online today. However, majority of the people today are satisfied with the online interaction.You can easily check status of your voter card or electoral roll online. Using this serial number you can easily track the Voter ID Card via SMS or Phone Call but remember you can’t track it immediately after applying for the card.
You can also contact to the customer care to know the status of your card.After completing your application, voter ID card status can be tracked either online or on phone. However you must ensure that you keep yourself updated with all the information and press releases by the ECI or your State’s CEO so that you are in line with the latest advancements being made in the voter registration sphere. You must contact the concerned officials like the BLO, ERO or the Polling Officers in case of doubts or call the help line numbers provided by the CEO Website of your state.

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