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Facebook Twitter Reddit EmailTurkish Airlines has been known to offer relatively easy status matches from almost any airline program. The beauty of getting a status match via Turkish Airlines is the lower re-qualification requirement.
They doesn’t seem to be too picky and can match pretty much any airline program including those of other Star Alliance carriers. A friend of mine emailed a status match request to Turkish on January 5 using the email address (not the form) above. Turkish had acknowledged this match, sent him an email, and upgraded his Miles&Smiles status to Elite Card on March 18. Even if you have Star Alliance Gold status via United or US Airways, having one via a foreign carrier comes in handy for lounge access with North American itineraries that otherwise wouldn’t grant you access.
There are many reports on Flyer Talk about people who have been denied this year though, so the thread about status matching on TK has pretty much only consisted of people being denied the last few weeks. There are no guarantees, as this program is not even acknowledged on Turkish Airways websites. Is there an issue in giving a screenshot of the account statement online which shows my Silver card account no.
I received almost the same email, and they would not status match my Gold status with Cathay Pacific (which is also Sapphire).

Well, I have a Qantas Platinum Status which I am sure to drop to Gold by next so I would definitely try it ! As my SAS gold status is about to run out and I am not likely to fly enough to keep it, I just gave it a try…. I don’t think that there is a need to contact them once you have put your request in.
John O., you said friend of yours received the email from TK on 18 March for confirming the status match.
I submited an upgrade ticket with FLying Blue Platinum 2 month ago, was never upgraded (or answered)…. You only need 25,000 status miles within a year or 37,500 within two years to keep your Elite Card status. You will get an email confirmation with a tracking number that you can later use to check on the status of your submission. He had attached an online account statement from his Qantas account and copy of his frequent flier card showing him as an Oneworld Emerald member. You get lounge access, higher luggage allowances, Business Class check in, priority boarding, priority wait-list and better irregular operations resolution.
If you have status with Oneworld or SkyTeam carrier, they will likely would match you to a Miles&Smiles Elite Card that is Star Alliance Gold at the same time.

If I sign up for a basic membership with Turkish Airlines and will I be able to upgrade to Elite status ? They do market specific ones like the one in Nordic countries back in January (that was by a mistake open to all). If so, how long did it further take your friend to receive the membership card after the email notice? Just took a picture of my FlyingBlue Gold card and a HTM-print-out of my online account statement of the last 1.5 years. Their status match program is still alive and well, but it may take couple of months to get a reply. After three weeks, they appied me said they cannot accept the electronic version of my statement and ask me send the original statement which shows my full name on it by using a link.

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