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Non-complying vehicles are only offered conditional registration if it is safe to do so and a complying vehicle cannot perform the function.
Note: Operators of oversize and overmass vehicles must also comply with the conditions of the relevant access notice or permit. Note: If FARM or UFRM, a Declaration of Eligibility for a Registration Concession (PDF, 254Kb) must be presented with the Application for Conditional Registration (PDF, 331Kb). On 1 October 2014 the NSW Government celebrated the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Gladesville Bridge and the recognition of the bridge as an Engineering Heritage International Marker by Engineers Australia. Commemorative plaque marking the recognition of the Gladesville Bridge as an International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. Designer of the Gladesville Bridge, Tony Gee, and his wife Patti Gee at a ceremony recognising the bridge as an International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark at Parliament House in Sydney. Documentary filmsThis film is a 1967 documentary about the construction of Gladesville Bridge.

This video is a collection of historic still images from the construction of Gladesville Bridge. For more information contact Special Permits Unit on 1300 656 371 for intrastate permits, and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator on 1300 696 487 for interstate permits.
A Declaration of Eligibility for a Registration Concession (PDF, 254Kb) must be presented with the Application for Conditional Registration (PDF, 331Kb). It replaced a two-lane iron truss bridge built in 1881 which was the only road crossing of the river east of Parramatta until the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened in 1932.It was a bold and ambitious project, built at a time of great growth and expansion in post-war Australia. Along with Tarban Creek Bridge and Fig Tree Bridge, it was originally planned by the Department of Main Roads (DMR) to form part of the North-Western Expressway, intended to serve the northern suburbs of Sydney and link with the Sydney-Newcastle Expressway at Wahroonga. Whilst the North-Western Expressway was later abandoned, the Gladesville Bridge remains as an engineering feat and a testament to the skill and commitment of all involved.Gladesville's design features, innovative construction methods and the jacking process set new standards for bridge design and construction and its success promoted the growth in specialist bridge design consultancies in Australia. It marked the transition from steel bridge technology including the Sydney Harbour Bridge towards concrete design, and confirmed the arrival of pre-stressed concrete as a major bridge-building material in Australia.

It was the first major concrete arch bridge in the world built using precast segments and was one of the first bridges designed with the aid of a computer.Gladesville Bridge was designed by Tony Gee, a gifted young British engineer then working for G. Maunsell and Partners in London, and built by a partnership of United Kingdom firm Reed and Mallik and Australian firm Stuart Brothers. Many newly-arrived migrants were employed in its construction, as were several Aboriginal workers. Bridge designer Tony Gee was in attendance when the commemorative plaque was handed over at a ceremony at Parliament House in Sydney.

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