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In February 1920, the NSW branch of the National Roads Association (NRA) was born and in 1923 became the National Roads and Motorists' Association (NRMA). The 1950s heralded the beginning of a huge surge in the number of cars on the road, and NRMA Membership increased in kind. To ensure our fleet of NRMA Patrols could get to all these Members as quickly as ever, we adopted new technologies like two-way radio and the latest Holden station wagons. In addition to looking after Members on the road, we were also becoming known for standing up for motorists. We've since ensured licensing laws for older and younger drivers are more equitable, the demerit system fairer, school zones safer, road funding is at record levels, and every petrol price increase is carefully scrutinised.
With the demutualisation of NRMA in July 2000, an opportunity was created to grow both the financial services sector, and the Member benefits and roadside assistance business. As independent organisations, NRMA Insurance and NRMA Motoring & Services, we continue to work closely together and proudly share our brand. As we celebrate our 90 year heritage, we continue to deliver outstanding service to Members. In April 2009, NRMA's Motoring Specialists Scott Nargar and Tim Pomroy road tested two slightly unusual vehicles at Oran Park raceway.
The Holden was the first and only survivor of three prototypes built by hand in 1946 at the General Motors workshops in Detroit by Australian and American engineers.
The first Holdens - coded the 48-215, or more commonly known as the FX - rolled off the assembly line at the Fisherman's Bend plant on the 29th November 1948. Insured for over $700,000, the Holden is part of the motoring display at the National Museum of Australia and is cared for by a team of automotive conservation engineers.
While travelling through the Northern Territory, the two men had to do many on-road repairs, included filling punctured tyres with grass and cowhide. The 5CV was sold by Neville's brother in 1926 then repurchased by Neville shortly after as he recognised its significance to Australian motoring history. The NRMA's road test team was joined by the Channel Nine Today show team and various other newspaper and motoring publications, including a Channel Nine cameraman that filmed the testing throughout the afternoon.
The first road test report was printed in the Open Road on the 25th September 1928 - on an Austin Roadster.
The National Museum of Australia invited NRMA to compare the two older cars with current Holden and Citroen models. Both of NRMA's Motoring Specialists were very surprised at how well the Holden handled considering its age.

Tim Pomroy was handed the keys for testing of the 48-215 and was astounded at how well the vehicle performed on the track. The Holden has the three signatures of the General Motors engineers that completed the testing in Detroit and the date "1946" on the radiator support. This was a great experience for the NRMA Motoring Specialists as both cars are very unlikely to ever be driven again, especially on a race track under test conditions. Sections of this article were produced with assistance from the National Museum of Australia. The new charging station, or the DC Fast Charge, will charge a Mitsubishi i-MiEV or a Nissan LEAF in less than twenty minutes, compared to the four to eight hours using a 15 amp power point.
Origin Energy is sponsoring this charging station, providing 100 per cent government accredited GreeenPower for motorists, while the City of Canada Bay allocated a kerbside parking space for the fast charge station.
NRMA President Wendy Machin said it was important that NRMA took the lead by encouraging motorists to use alternative fuels and technology like electric vehicles. The charger is currently only suitable for charging the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Nissan LEAF vehicles.
Listed here are some of the businesses that make up the National Roads and Motorists'A Association family of businesses, products and services.
And in the years that followed, this legendary service would be further built on, with the NRMA branching out into new areas of Member service a€“ from maps and guides, to insurance, travel advice and independent ratings of hotels and accommodation. In 1982, we worked with the NSW Government to improve road safety by introducing random breath testing, and in 2001 we fought hard to have the fuel excise capped a€“ saving motorists about 10 cents per litre today.
Our NRMA Patrols and call centre staff responded to over 2.1 million calls for help last year.
After several months of exhaustive durability testing at General Motors' Milford proving grounds in the US, prototype no. The 48-215 prototype has not been driven on the test track since 1948, so being chosen to run it through a test program was a privilege for NRMA Motoring & Services. His companion left the journey in Albury and Westwood continued to Melbourne then Adelaide before returning to Perth on the 30th December 1925 escorted by a welcoming convoy of motorists. The Citroen remained with Neville until his death in 1969, after which it was passed to his son Ron.
The museum's conservation experts completely dismantled the vehicle to start on conservation treatment.
Since 1928 NRMA has continually maintained a new vehicle road test program, keeping NRMA members and the wider motoring public informed about changes in motoring technology, safety and new model releases.

NRMA has previously tested and published two road tests on the FX Holden, one on the 1st January 1949 and the second on the 1st January 1952.
The two current models completed the full NRMA test performance testing while the older cars under took some milder testing using the team's satellite data acquisition equipment. When not on display, they are stored in a government facility in plastic oxygen bubbles (car cocoon) to keep them in pristine condition.
It is located at 9 George Street, North Strathfield, opposite the head office of NRMA Motoring & Services. It's a service that's not only been rewarded with thousands of relieved smiles and handshakes over the years, it's also received the Australian Business Awards for Service Excellence in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.
1, the "Australian Car", and the second was a Citroen 5CV that was the first car to travel around Australia. 1 was shipped to Australia where it underwent further testing on a circuit specifically designed to replicate Australian conditions. 1 was eventually sold to a Holden plant foreman and later traded in at a Holden dealership where it sat for 40 years, falling into disrepair. Its owner, Neville Westwood, was a 22-year old Seventh Day Adventist missionary who purchased the car second-hand with 48,000 km on the clock.
The 5CV was restored in 1975 and Ron hoped to retrace his father's journey in 2000 for the 75th anniversary but this never eventuated. The chassis was treated and repainted but the body finish retains the form of its 1970 restoration. This is done through comprehensive and independent road testing that includes performance and fuel consumption testing in real world conditions to give members a more informed reflection of a newly released car. Both vehicles, two of the most important cars in Australia's automotive history, were acquired by the National Museum of Australia, which gave NRMA Motoring & Services the privilege of putting them to the test.
In 1999 two Holden enthusiasts spent a year restoring the car to its final pre-production form. Finally it was decided that it would be known as the Holden after the company's first chairman, Sir Edward Holden.
The car was sold again shortly after and then finally purchased by the National Museum of Australia in 2004.

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