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You can also find out where and when a vehicle was built by looking on the manufacturer’s plate, usually found on the driver’s doorjamb. The Harris County, Texas bill of sale, also referred to as Form MV-015, is a legal document that allows for the transfer of a motor vehicle to be conducted with the intentions of the new owner registering at a Harris County Tax Office.
Seller is required to submit the Vehicle Transfer Notification (Form VTR-346) within thirty (30) days of the date of sale. To the left and to the right of the barcode we have a large area of white called the quiet zone.
Left and right digits are encoded differently: the right encoding scheme is the bitwise complement of the left encoding scheme.
The concept of bits for a visual pattern might be unclear, so let me explain: by reading the guard we have determined the width of the thinnest bar, in order to read a digit we read approximatively 7 * width pixels, at each time, if we encountered a bar the current bit will be 1 and 0 otherwise. Let's zoom on the beginning of our example code, at the left we have our guard pattern and just after we have the first encoded digit.

After reading the guard, we have the width of a single bit, we can now read the next 7 bits and get their value. We obtain here space-space-space-bar-bar-space-bar, that is to say we have 0001101, and according to our table it is the value 0.
I tried with other images as well but you can generate your own barcodes online if you want. Interested in high performance computing, parallel programming, compiler construction, image processing. It will now be reviewed by our editors and we'll answer it soon if we think it's a useful question.
I used OpenCV for loading and displaying but I don't use any advanced function from the library so the code can be quickly adapted to other use cases.
This zone is required to be at least 10 times the width of the smallest bar and is here to facilitate barcode detection, it has no interest for decoding.

The three occurences of this pattern are called (from left to right) S, M, and E (Start, Middle and End). Each digit is encoded on 7 bits, giving a total of 84 bits encoding digits, and 11 bits encoding guards.
Some Camrys are built at a Subaru plant in Lafayette, Ind., and a small number are imported from Japan, but all hybrid versions are assembled in Kentucky. The VIN’s 11th character VIN identifies the plant where the vehicle was built, but you have to know the plant codes used by that manufacturer.

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