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65 Plate Vauxhall Antara 2.2 Diesel Exclusive ?13995 (?21,650 list) Up to ?6K interest free finance. Skip to menuSkip to contentWe use cookie files to improve site functionality and personalisation. Not the best reviews, not the best economy but this is a full size SUV for Super Mini pricing.
Take the off-road experience to a higher level with this sophisticated and practical model. The reason it is so cheap is though is because it is being replaced in 2016 and they have purchased a bulk amount of the remaining stock. For a 35K miles or under 12 plate cheapest on autotrader is ?10k, even if trade in was only ?8K, you are only staring at ?6k depreciation in 3 years. Well it is in the same size bracket as Ford Kuga, Landrover Discovery Sport, Kia Sorrento, Hynudai Santa Fe.
A ?2,000 minimum part exchange offer on new MG3 and MG6 models has been announced by the manufacturer. Turning right onto a busy road is one of the most frustrating things a motorist has to face.
CAP: Black has made a spectacular resurgence to become the colour of choice for car buyers.

A new model joins the Citroen C4 Cactus range from the start of next month, from £18,890.
Jaguar Land Rover, which employs 14,500 people in the UK, yesterday announded plants to close one of its sites in the Midlands. There are lovely handles that feel crafted from solid chrome (they're not) and the door flops open with none of the technical prowess that a Mini's would. It's a small detail, but a metaphor that keeps resurfacing throughout our week with the Mito.Sink into the lovely (but optional) ribbed leather seats, fire up the engine and notice the digital Mito graphics that animate the dashboard. If you do high mileages, this car will save you a fortune.Drive off, and the powertrain feels right.
Although five speeds seem stingy nowadays, the transmission feels well geared to the engine and the standard stop-start mechanism works unobtrusively once you remember to select neutral at the traffic lights.
And that modest 95bhp is countered by a healthy 147lb ft of torque, percolating to the boil at just 1500rpm.
You'll still pick one of the excellent petrol engines, including the rapid, Mini Cooper-rivalling MultiAir, if you want aural thrills, but the diesel makes a strong case for itself.So it's a new Alfa Romeo.
Guess it falls to bits by the first corner?Sadly, the ride and handling balance appear to fall some way short of the new Giulietta that got CAR's Chris Chilton frothing at the mouth.
Alfa says it's fettled the suspension after the UK press roundly criticised the handling of the first Mitos, but there's still a strange lurching effect as you enter a corner, almost as if the front and rear axles aren't attached to the same car.
It just doesn't feel very together.You can play with the DNA toggle (Dynamic, Normal, All-weather) which tweaks the steering weight and throttle response, but it makes no difference to the inherent balance of the chassis.

The Dynamic setting enables a much more urgent call to action from the accelerator that's entirely preferable to the stodgy standard setting. The driving position is essentially good (though taller drivers may find the clutch footrest too far forward) and there is a lot more space in every dimension than the cramped Mini. Two adults can fit comfortably in the back seats (headroom ok, legroom tight for taller drivers) and the 270-litre boot is a good shape and size. In terms of daily practicality, it absolutely trounces the Mini.Is it well built?The Alfa Romeo Mito feels as well screwed together as similarly priced superminis. BMW's Mini does have the edge in materials and perceived quality of construction (I lived with one for a year recently), but the design flair of the Mito is light years ahead.
The only real criticisms in here are the dullard heating controls and some revolting Competizione fake carbonfibre dash trim.
It really gets under your skin and I'd buy one in a flash if were in the market for a supermini.
From its offset number plate to its stunning looks, it's thoroughly Italian – just the sort of car Alfa should be building.
It's let down chiefly by lacklustre dynamics and a few details (do we really want to hear an aftermarket beep every time we lock up and prime the alarm?).But they're not enough to stop us loving the Mito.

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