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Many car purchasers each year end up falling foul of unscrupulous sellers, purchasing cars that are far from what they believed they were buying. Below we have listed our top ten crucial things that we feel you will need to consider or undertake before purchasing a car.
The only exception to this would be when buying from a bona fide Motor Trader (Garage, Dealership, Auction House) or motor trade organisation. Before you part with any funds for any car, always ask to see the card copy of the seller's driving licence. Always check car sales websites and trade publications to ensure that your potential purchase is valued correctly, compared to similar cars.
Watch out for distance selling scams, where a legitimate car is advertised, but the seller does not own it nor have it in their possession. Do not accept their insistence that the car is UK registered, even though it is presently with them in a foreign country. Never transfer money to a 3rd party holding account on the promise that the car will be shipped to your location. Finally, probably the best advice we can offer is 'If it doesn't feel right to you BEFORE you buy it, don't buy it.' A car provenance check will probably provide you with THE FACTS of a car's history but it is your money on the line, and nobody can really advise you on how to spend it. If you are unsure about anything, wait until you have found answers to your worries or concerns before you part with any money. During August Volkswagen Group South Africa recorded its best vehicles sales in 2012 to maintain its leadership position in the new passenger car market in South Africa. The record figure was aided by Polo Vivo (3 714 units) which achieved its best ever monthly sales since its launch in March 2010. The selling rate of new cars per day in August 2012 grew to a level last seen in August 2007. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles sold 812 units and 515 of these units were Amarok single and double cab models. A car history check or car data check is probably most commonly referred to as a HPI check. Find here UK car history check providers - see what they check, what they charge and who's checking for who.

DVLA registered vehicle from any of these history check providers from its registration number. RAC Car Passport checks outstanding finance, stolen, written off or scrapped and any mileage discrepancies. Checks stolen, insurance write off, outstanding finance, valuation and mileage where possible plus all the usual DVLA checks. IMPORTANT - This vehicle may be stolen, written-off or financed, you must purchase a full check to reveal the history! My Car Check have released some interesting statistics that highlight the possible risks of buying some of the UK’s most popular cars.
In these times of the 'credit crunch', with many feeling the pinch financially, sellers may not always tell the full story or might not disclose histories that a car may have had at point of sale. Put it this way, 'Would you buy a house and not carry out a survey?' If your answer to this is 'No' then a car check works on a similar principle.
Remember that the Registered Keeper may not be the owner, if so, ask for other proof that they have had legitimate possession of the vehicle - a bill of sale, service history, MOT certificates etc. This effectively turns ANY verbal agreement that may have been struck into a written contract and provides evidence in the event of someone selling the car fraudulently on to you. The photo and the address on this should enable you to match the seller to the details on the Log Book and the address you are looking to purchase from. If the car seems unreasonably cheap for what it is then this can be a tell-tale sign that things are not what they seem. Always remember that you have far more power and influence in any car purchase up to the point of when you pay for it. Volkswagen Group South Africa reported a total sales of 9 135 units, its highest monthly sales in 2012 and highest ever sales in August since 2007.
With interest rates at the lowest level in thirty eight years, debt servicing costs for households are low and sufficient credit is available to service demand for new cars. Replacement demand also continues to play a strongly supportive role for the new car market and the introduction of new models to the market continues to entice consumers,” added Glendinning. With 1 in 3 cars checked showing some form of bad history it is a must to perform one of these data checks first before buying any used vehicle.

Common breakdown reasons and MOT failures by make & model, running costs, reviews and much more!
By using the car’s registration number (VRM), information is provided which shows if the car has been written off, is stolen or has outstanding debt.
Unfortunately we still see consumers buying cars in 'good faith' assuming that everything is fine with the car. How can you ever prove you have bought from a previous Registered Keeper if you cannot verify the details?
Furthermore, if the seller has insisted on a cash sale, are you going to feel safe doing the transaction where 3rd parties could see you handing over a large amount of cash? It will also reassure you that the funds are being given to the Registered Keeper, not a 3rd party posing as them. You might miss out on a potentially good deal but if you have doubts and unanswered questions prior to purchase, spending money will not give you peace of mind or answer questions.
After that, it is going to be very difficult to change or rectify any outstanding concerns you may have. This information allows the potential buyer to negotiate a better deal, or to avoid buying the car. After you are happy (or not) that the car performs as you want it to, then go over the car with a fine toothcomb. A similar rate was only previously achieved at the peak of the last boom in the new car market in 2006.
It is always going to be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get your money back once you have already handed it over.

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