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I park in the garage and on the forecourt: Which do I tell my insurer to save on my car cover premiums?
Garage vs driveway: Does it make much difference to my insurance depending on where I park my car? In addition, it is worth noting that should your house be broken into, the trespassers will immediately have access to your vehicle, which would not be the case if your car was parked on the street, where there is no obvious connection to your house.A  In terms of where your car is parked, it depends more upon where you live than where exactly you park.
This isna€™t the case, your quote will be based on a market price for your vehicle as a second hand car. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
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It is generally believed the difference in premium quotes between whether you park your car in a garage or on your driveway is significant - but there is actually only a marginal difference in price.
How and where exactly you park is more about creating a deeper understanding and profile of each individual customer than about significantly impacting premiums.There are a couple of other common car insurance myths. If your car is damaged beyond repair or stolen you will be compensated according to the market rate - i.e.
I do this because I believe it will drive down my insurance slightly as it indicates my vehicle is locked safely away.
For instance, drivers often think car insurance works a bit like your home insurance policy a€“ it is new for old and you receive compensation for the sale price of your vehicle.
You should consider factoring this into any car purchase, as some vehicles lose more value, and more quickly, than others.Another myth is that driving fewer miles will result in a lower premium.

People with lower mileage often tend to pay more, as people that do not drive as much may not be particularly confident behind the wheel and may therefore be more prone to being involved in motor accidents. Our data shows that a 35 year man on Comprehensive cover who drives his car 5,000 miles a year will pay on average A?116 less for his cheapest insurance premium than a man of the same age who drives only 1,000 miles a year - that's another couple of tanks of petrol for the extra miles. It is wrong to think that putting a lower mileage will bring down your quote, so it pays to factor in those school runs or road trips to the seaside.

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