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Euro Food Machinery Ltd offer a comprehensive range of spare parts for all of the machines that we sell. We also offer spare parts for many other types of food production and processing machines, which can also be expertly fitted by our service engineers. Service and spare parts back up is only a phone call away and for further details contact us here. Since long humans have envisioned of driverless vehicles and the dream seems to be happening with the advancement of carmakers and technology companies in the self-driving car technology. However, inspite of few drawbacks the benefits of self-driving technology cannot be overlooked. Recently a whole bunch of tech providers and automakers have invested their technology and research in self-driven cars expertise. Besides a stop-go button the prototype relies on built-in sensors and a software system to safely maneuver the vehicle without manual controls, steering wheel or pedals as sensors have replaced all of those. Chinese search giant Baidu has also entered into a partnership with BMW to jointly research driverless car technologies with the goal of developing a semi-autonomous vehicle in three years. However few automakers are still in dilemma and concerned that some of the new technologies -like vehicle-to-vehicle communication – will scare consumers away. The debate now is whether to allow driverless cars to abandon controls including a steering wheel and pedals and rely on the vehicle’s computer. Due to the recent rise in Skyline GT-R prices and the demand for collector cars generally, we have started to focus more on selected dealers that specialise in GT-R’s and classic cars, like this 1990 Nissan Skyline GTR NISMO Edition with only 27,000 kms which was recently available at the Best-R specialist GT-R dealership in Japan. Only 500 of these were made for sale to the general public (60 were made by Nissan for race use) and very few are left in this sort of condition. 1993 R32 Nissan Skyline GTR with 2009 NISMO Fine Spec engine example purchased for a client.
Listed below are links to sites for dealers that sell top-quality classic vehicles and some that specialise in GT-R’s.

Our contacts have bought from these dealers in the past and can vouch for the quality of vehicles, but in saying that we are not talking auction prices either, as these are generally only the very best examples.
Due to the focus on classic cars now, what we are mostly seeing at auction are the rougher examples, with the best being bought on the local market by these types of specialist retailers and restorers.
If you find a vehicle of interest please email through the link, we can work out an approximate total price for you if the dealer sale price is displayed, or contact the dealer to find out the price for you. Please note that communicating with Japanese dealers generally takes more time, effort, patience and cost than buying from auction. With prices rising so rapidly and the exchange rate popping back up over 80 Yen to the dollar, it might be a good idea to consider your plans if you have your eye on a classic car. To research past Japanese car auction prices you can browse 3 months of past Japan Auction Sales for any model on our Auctions page.
Our Past Client Inspections page is filled with examples of vehicles we have inspected for clients. You can browse actual pictures taken at auction and see the service we provide. I still have the 300GT premium with Bose which served me well a few years now and would like your help again to upgrade my V35 coupe to a V36 coupe. De aandrijvende kracht achter dit royale Zweedse voertuig is een angstaanjagende 6-cilinder 4.2 liter benzinemotor. The happy idea about automated cars is that they would eradicate human errors like no accidents from texting, drunkenness, sleepiness or any transitory inattention -but in reality, self-driving vehicles will shift human error from the driving to the programming and design. Also self-driving cars have made an impact on automakers, public and technology companies wits. Many automakers are looking forward to join the team of technical knowhow related to self-driving cars and some have already invested their stocks for the triumph. According to the contract, after the 3-years term, BMW will be building a highly-automated self-driving car, which may run on China’s public road. Audi becomes the first company to receive an autonomous driving permit issued by California.

Also, self-driving cars pose new safety risks as computers are vulnerable to something that human drivers are not that is hacking. Or whether, to allow the machine to drive, but insist a passenger be ready to wrest back control at a moment’s notice. Currently working as a freelance writer with over 5 years of work experience in related fields.
We consider the first one, “Rocky Auto”, as the best choice in the whole of Japan for classic cars.
Here, the risk factor will be far more severe than human errors and that would be failures of imagination and programming.
The underlying interest of the people in driverless vehicles is gaining momentum day by day and technology companies as well as automakers are thinking of ways to get into this exciting and feature rich field of automation.
The reason why BMW selected Baidu as collaboration partner is because Baidu has the map data and all related information service which BMW currently do not have.  The BMW-Baidu project involves topics such as vehicle usage, driving strategy algorithm and high resolution 3D map, legislation and industry standards. Audi was the first automaker to demonstrate the capability of its automated driving technologies on a Tampa expressway newly designated as an autonomous and connected car test bed. California now joins Michigan, Florida and Nevada in permitting the testing. The ‘Google autonomous car’ will enable people to drive around without using mechanical wheels or steering. In addition to this the California Department of Motor Vehicles has made official its new regulations regarding how manufacturers can test those so-called autonomous vehicles.
But still the technology is importing consideration amongst the users and carmakers and hacking vulnerability of self-driven cars have taken a minor turn.
The company has already shown its self-driving technology which retrofits existing vehicles made by Toyota and Lexus.

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