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If you’re here in the Islands, tune in to KFVE’s high-definition broadcast of all three evenings of competition on channel 5.
If you miss the live broadcasts, KFVE will be posting video of all performances on its website the day after each evening's competition. For the many hula halau (hula groups) arriving in Hilo from across the state and around the world, this year’s Merrie Monarch Festival will be bittersweet.
Naope, 81, long revered in the Hawaiian community as a kumu hula (hula teacher), passed away last year on Oct. Organizers quickly decided that the 2010 festival would not only go on as planned, but also honor the lives and teachings of these hula leaders.
Birmingham is a leading European business and tourism destination at the centre of a £94 billion regional economy. Leading scheduled leisure airline, Monarch, recently celebrated its inaugural flights from Birmingham to the winter sun destination of Madeira. Leading scheduled leisure airline, Monarch, celebrated its inaugural flights from Birmingham to the winter sun destination of Madeira on Monday 15th October.

Expanding on its already extensive network of scheduled destinations, the new routes to Madeira offers customers the opportunity for winter sun with flights operating from Birmingham twice a week.
Netmarble Korea and MAIUS GAMES just announced the Open Beta date for their upcoming large scale siege warfare MMORPG called Monarch Online.
Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedInA hybrid between the the genres of MMORPG and RTS, Monarch: Heroes of a New Age is looking to melt gamers’ screens in the near future. MMO Culture is a small website focused on reporting the latest and most interesting news from the online gaming world. The dancers are dedicating their performances to the memory of the festival’s two co-founders, George Naope and Dorothy “Auntie Dottie” Thompson. I would like to thank Monarch for believing in the potential of our beautiful island, which I am sure, will exceed their customers’ expectations. Monarch is a competitive PvP title with a lot of unique features such as controlling multiple units, siege modes, territorial system, unique characters, and community based events. Published by CJ E&M, the game is also confirmed for the English market at Gamescom 2012.

Online gaming since 1999, and has worked in the online gaming and mobile gaming industry (Journalist, Game Master, Community Manager, Operations Manager) since 2008.
Covering regions such as South Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia, North America and Europe, the aim is to keep gamers informed of all MMO cultures! But hula aficionados who can’t make it to the Big Island festival can still watch the competition live from around the world on the web, or in high-definition television here in Hawaii.
Thompson, 88, who had served as the festival’s executive director since its beginning, passed away on March 19 after a long illness. Barely a day after Thompson’s passing, Rae Fonseca—one of Naope’s best-known students and a fest-winning kumu hula in his own right—died suddenly after a hula performance on Oahu.
A preview is shown in the trailer above, as well as a new endgame dungeon which seemingly does not allow the usage of players’ huge armies.

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