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The motor vehicle power of attorney document, or Form 4054, allows an owner of a vehicle to appoint someone else to handle the transfer (purchase and sale), registration, or titling. When you purchase a motor vehicle and a Salvage Certificate of Title has been assigned to you, you must have the vehicle examined by authorized law enforcement after you have completed the rebuilding process (see item four below). NOTE: The application must be certified by an authorized law enforcement officer as noted on the reverse side of the form. The Missouri State Highway Patrol must affix the assigned or replacement vehicle identification number plate (“DR” Number) to the rebuilt vehicle.
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After the form has been filled in with the vehicle’s make, model, and VIN number it should be taken to a notary public for signature.
In some cases, the examination may reveal that your vehicle needs a new or replacement identification number plate. The new certificate of title that issues in your name will be designated as “Prior Salvage” on the face of the title.
Each descriptive bill of sale must also include the purchase price, year, make and vehicle identification number of the motor vehicle from which the parts were obtained. All state and local taxes on the purchase price of the vehicle and any parts that do not indicate that sales taxes were previously paid. A registered dealer is not required to apply for a title in the dealership’s name, but must submit a copy for the title assigned to them, comply with inspection requirements and pay the appropriate fee. When application for title is made in conjunctin with the identification number plate request, the title will not issue until the plate is affixed and the officer sends a signed verification of affixation to the Motor Vehicle Bureau.

If you have any questions regarding the information outlined in this brochure, please call (573) 526-3669. The applicant should complete the top half of the form and the Missouri State Highway Patrol Inspector or other authorized officer must complete the bottom portion. Upon receipt of the form, you must make an appointment with an authorized law enforcement agent to inspect the vehicle.

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