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Surrounded: The three-storey lair, guarded left by security officials, is encircled by walls 12ft high topped with three lines of barbed wire. Scores of agents scoured Pakistan and Afghanistan for the merest whisper of Ahmed's whereabouts.
Clapper, the director or national intelligence who oversees all 16 of the country's agencies, released a statement which pointed out 'Never have I seen a more remarkable example of focused integration, seamless collaboration and sheer professional magnificence, than was the case in the killing of Bin Laden. Mention of Abbottabad is sparse in the cables - but when it is, the significance is chilling, particularly as other information indicates the U.S.

At that point, Pakistan's national security advisor Mahmud Ali Durrani, referred gratefully to the plan to bring U.S. The WikiLeaks documents reveal, a meeting was held in Washington three years ago between then-U.S.
Training-of-Trainers for the Frontier Corps starting in Abottabad in October,' the report read, according to the Guardian newspaper, which has seen the WikiLeaks cables. Three others also died - a woman who is said to have been used as a human shield and Ahmed's brother among them.The squad left the compound with a trove of computers and files.

The academy is just 800 yards - less than half a mile - from where the compound where Osama Bin Laden lived for six years. By that time American agents were already on the trail on Bin Laden, scouring the country for whispers of the terror chief through his chief courier.

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