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Live a generally healthy life, don’t smoke or drink and want a highly competitive life cover plan? Confused Life is arranged and administered by Direct Life & Pension Services Ltd, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
LV=Streetwise is a multi-agency partnership involving the councils, emergency services, local businesses and other voluntary organisations: LV= were a founding partner in 1998 and became title sponsors in 2007.
The LV=Streetwise safety village includes a full sized two-storey house, a high street, a park, a farmyard, an electricity sub-station, a heath, a beach, a building site and even Police and railway stations. While most of us are lucky enough to avoid major accidents or serious crime, we all deal with risk every day and may experience domestic hazards in the home or minor crime on the streets.

LV=Streetwise gives children a head start in their safety education, supporting parents and schools in providing them with essential skills for life. Whilst the underlying message at LV=Streetwise has a serious educational theme, a tour of the centre is truly a visitor attraction with a difference. LV= were a founding partner of Streetwise and, in 2007, after 10 years of supporting the centre, LV= increased their support to become the Streetwise lead commercial sponsor.
By making the scenarios as realistic as possible, the exciting and memorable interactive Safety Tours enable children to easily apply the learning in their everyday life. As adults, we reduce our chances of risk by using skills we have developed through education and knowledge we have gained through experience.

LV=, the UK's largest friendly society help people protect the things they love in life - including providing car insurance, home insurance, life cover and supporting LV=Streetwise to help reduce the risk of accidents in the home and on our roads.

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