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Every car lover has to have watched The Fast and the Furious and it’s sequel 2 Fast 2 Furious.
In total, Tokyo Drift used over 200 cars for the movie, and they came from all around the world. Most of the drifting cars had to be upgraded to drift properly, like the Nisssn 350Z which had to be upped to 475hp through the use of turbocharging.
After dabbling for years in the IT industry, Paul Tan initially began this site as a general blog covering various topics of personal interest. Aiya Paul Tan, don't go ler, wasting your ticket RM 20 for week end and RM 15 for weekday. Better go straight to their showroom, entrance free and the sales man may belanja you at least sebatang rokok or mineral water.
And for RM20, meeting the girls is already a worhted sight, not to say the rare Pagani Zondas, Carrera GT, Enzo and so on.
In 1979, Kenner made a bold move and released the Imperial Troop Transport, the first vehicle not to appear in the movie Star Wars (a similar looking vehicle was used by the Rebel Alliance in Echo Base and in Home One’s hangar, but we never saw any Imperials using it).
While the Imperial Troop Transport may have appeared offscreen during A New Hope, it was noticed by several other licensees over the years.
The inflation and the price of plastic had pushed up the price of Kenner’s vehicles and ships by the time of The Empire Strikes Back.
Return of the Jedi marked the end of the Mini-Rigs, but in 1985 Kenner released three Body-Rigs (Single Body Transport Vehicles). When their vintage Star Wars reign was drawing its last breath, Kenner released three vehicles that were never seen in any of the movies because they were based on their appearance in Droids and Ewoks. If Kenner had continued to produce Star Wars toys they were planning on releasing a lot more vehicles that didn’t appear in the movies, such as a Sandspeeder or the SRV-1 Vehicle. Tim Veekhoven (Sompeetalay) is president, editor-in-chief, and cofounder of TeeKay-421, the Belgian Star Wars Fanclub.
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OBD-II equipped vehicles have a connector located in the passenger compartment, usually accessible from the driver's seat (under the dash above the hood release lever in the Grand Cherokee WJ). In the Grand Cherokee WJ, the MIL gives an indication to the vehicle operator when the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) has recorded a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) for an On-Board Diagnostics II (OBDII) emissions-related circuit or component malfunction. The MIL bulb is completely controlled by the instrument cluster logic circuit, and that logic will only allow this indicator to operate when the instrument cluster receives a battery current input on the fused ignition switch output (run-start) circuit. BULB TEST - Each time the ignition switch is turned to the On position the MIL is illuminated for about three seconds as a bulb test. MIL LAMP-ON MESSAGE - Each time the cluster receives a MIL lamp-on message from the PCM, the indicator will be illuminated. COMMUNICATIONS ERROR - If the cluster receives no lamp-on or lamp-off messages from the PCM for twenty consecutive seconds, the MIL is illuminated by the instrument cluster. In many instances, emissions systems must fail diagnostic tests more than once before the PCM illuminates the MIL. Prolonged driving with the "Malfunction Indicator Light" or "Check Engine" light on could cause further damage to the emission control system. If the light is flashing, severe catalytic converter damage and power loss will soon occur.
After three good trips the MIL is extinguished and the Task Manager automatically switches the trip counter to a warm-up cycle counter.
A Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) indicates that the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) has recognized an abnormal condition in the system. Shorted condition detected in the oxygen sensor heater element control feedback sense circuit. MAP sensor input voltage out of an acceptable range detected during reading of barometric pressure at key-on. MAP sensor input voltage out of an acceptable range detected during reading of barometric pressure. An open or shorted condition detected in control circuit for Injector # 1 or the INJ 1 injector bank.
An open or shorted condition detected in control circuit for Injector # 2 or the INJ 2 injector bank. An open or shorted condition detected in control circuit for Injector # 3 or the INJ 3 injector bank. Injector # 4 or INJ 4 injector bank output driver stage does not respond properly to the control signal. I previously posted about the upcoming third installment in the series, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.
There are 11 Nissan 350Z cars alone, and these were brought in from Japan because they required right-hand drive vehicles for the movie.
Part of the storyline involved the hero transplanting the venerable RB26DETT twin turbo straight-6 from the Nissan Skyline GT-R into a Mustang, so one of the 6 Mustangs had this under the hood. With an increasing number of readers paying rapt attention to the motoring stories, one thing led to another and the rest, as they say, is history. Only few manufacturers like Toyota, Honda or Ford shown their production car and future cars.

Perodua really understands what the market wants rather than making the market accept what they had.
With a cool design, two prisoner immobilization hoods and six authentic sounds from the movie, the vehicle became a fan favorite. The Kenner department decided to design smaller vehicles for the action figures that could have appeared in the movies, but were just out of sight. The INT-4 (Interceptor) was a repulsorlift scouting craft used by the Galactic Empire on Hoth. In the first wave we find the AST-5 (Armored Sentinel Transport), a scouting vehicle from Jabba’s fleet used to defend the perimeters of his Palace.
The first vehicle was the Endor Forest Ranger, a rather strange looking repulsorlift vehicle used by the Rebel Alliance on Endor. Another planned toy could have been placed between the forward mandibles of the Millennium Falcon. He’s an administrator for Yodapedia and has written or expanded the backgrounds of Swilla Corey, Tzizvvt, Wam Lufba and Maxiron Agolerga.
OBD is an electronic system designed to control engine functions and diagnose engine problems or component failures, as well as minimize emissions. The data provided by the OBD-II system can sometimes pinpoint the specific component that has malfunctioned, saving substantial service time and cost.
The MIL is controlled by a transistor on the instrument cluster circuit board based upon cluster programming and electronic messages received by the cluster from the PCM over the Programmable Communications Interface (PCI) data bus. Therefore, the bulb will always be off when the ignition switch is in any position except On or Start. The indicator can be flashed on and off, or illuminated solid, as dictated by the PCM message.
The indicator remains controlled and illuminated by the cluster until a valid lamp-on or lamp-off message is received from the PCM. DTCs are automatically erased following 40 warm-up cycles if the component does not fail again.
DTC's are the results of a system or circuit failure, but do not directly identify the failed component or components. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX four wheel drive cars had to have their gearboxes locked to rear wheel drive to allow for the crazy drifting action you’ll see in the movie. An avid electronic gadget aficionado as well as big-time coffee lover, he's also the executive producer of the Driven motoring TV programme.
These phrases were among two of the six sounds produced by Kenner’s Imperial Troop Transport vehicle. It could even hold more than eight figures, so who wouldn’t be interested in having this toy? Before this adventure was published, the Troop Transport had already made its appearance in four Star Wars Marvel issues!
Kenner designer Mark Boudreaux started to design a series of Mini-Rigs and the first wave was released in spring 1981. Originally conceived by Kenner as the Death Star Defender for their Return of the Jedi line, it got resurrected as the ATL and used in Droids. That vehicle was later named F-LER (Freight-Loading External Rover) in the Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual by Ryder Windham.
Some of the designs were used in Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO and several vehicles have been mentioned, renamed, or seen in official publications. OBD-II, a new standard introduced in cars built after January 1, 1996, provides almost complete engine control and also monitors parts of the chassis, body and accessory components, as well as the diagnostic control network of the vehicle. This can range from a simple hand-held meter that provides a coded read-out of the various diagnostic functions, up to a large console computer-based unit costing thousands of dollars. Scanning OBD-II signals can also provide important information when purchasing a used vehicle. The bulb only illuminates when it is provided a path to ground by the instrument cluster transistor. For some DTC’s, if a problem does not recur, the PCM will send a lamp-off message automatically. The vehicle should be serviced if the light stays on through several typical driving cycles. The DRB III automatically displays a warning that erasing the DTC will also erase all OBD II monitor data. Is the fuel pressure within specification with engine running at normal operating temperature? Most of the cars were second hand, as they needed some out of production cars like Toyota Chasers, Mazda RX7s and old Nissan Silvias. Kudos to manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Mitsu and Perodua for giving much effort in making this show look good. It was announced recently during the panel of Star Wars Rebels at New York Comic Con that this iconic toy will appear in the upcoming animated television series.
In a small black and white booklet Kenner explained that this vehicle was used to destroy the Jawa Sandcrawler in Star Wars, a smart decision  pretending that the Troop Transport had just been offscreen. The MLC-3 (Mobile Laser Cannon) was a small, one-man tank used on Hoth by the Rebel Alliance.

The Security Scout was a light and open repulsorlift vehicle with a large rudder and two rotating blaster cannons. West End Games’ DarkStryder Campaign renamed it as the (New Republic) Defender Starfighter, a design that was derived from the older ATL. The crowning achievement is the appearance of the Imperial Troop Transport in the upcoming Star Wars Rebels. Recent introductions of less costly scanning devices have allowed home mechanics and small shops accessibility to OBD-II signals to use them for their own testing and repairs. Other DTC’s may require that a fault be repaired and the PCM be reset before a lamp-off message will be sent. If the v-37 circuit has voltage bleed over from another source, a code of TPS Shorted to voltage may be set in the PCM. So it seems like a perfect timing to have a closer look at the Kenner vehicles that have not (yet?) made it into a Star Wars movie.
The MLC-3 featured classic treads, two medium repeating blaster cannons and a removable transparent dome. Similar looking vehicles appeared on the cover of Lando Calrissian and the Starcave of ThonBoka, but those were based on the cockpit of Kenner’s Scout Walker and not on the INT-4. Since the screens inside the AST-5 showed ships in outer space, it’s quite possible that the AST-5 was able to enter the exosphere of a planet or that it was able to travel through space for a short amount of time. The Desert Sail Skiff was a one-man scaled down version of Jabba’s Luxury Sail Barge. The link with the New Republic may also explain the appearance of the B-wing pilot figure on the box of the toy. The DN model equipped with rear heat option, has an external water pump to circulate coolant to the rear heater. Volkswagen also provided some cars – four Volkswagen Golf R32s and a few Volkswagen Touran MPVs. All the electronics were removed (the Cruiser suddenly had a huge cargo hold) and some of the decorative elements were altered.
These previous appearances now seem like hors ‘d oeuvres compared to the main dish that will serve us the Troop Transport in Star Wars Rebels. It was often used for perimeter defense to patrol terrain surrounding large buildings or facilities. CAP-2 (Captivator) was the last Mini-Rig to be produced during the era of The Empire Strikes Back.
It featured a sail, a rotating driver’s seat, two steering fins, and a small gangplank to launch prisoners to their doom. The (One-Man) Sand Skimmer was another small repulsorlift used by Jabba’s Skiff Guards. Abrams played with Star Wars Kenner toys when he was a kid, who knows what else we might expect. If you find coolant in the bulkhead connector, the likely cause would be a leaking coolant pump. Several of these vehicles have already flown, hovered or rolled their way into other mediums of the Star Wars franchise. The vehicle was later named Desert Sail-20 Skiff in Geonosis and the Outer Rim by Wizards of the Coast. This single-seat Imperial Shuttle with two laser cannons was obviously based on its larger cousin, the Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle (which Kenner released in 1984).
This Skiff didn’t appear in Episode VI, but its spin-off model, the Floater-935 (with no sail), was present in the episode of Droids called The New King. The Sand Skimmer was used in a hilarious skirmish on Tammuz-an between the goons of Ko Zatec-Cha and the allies of Mon Julpa, including R2-D2, C-3PO, Jann Tosh, and Jessica Meade. It would be a safe bet to assume that the ISP-6 was also manufactured by Cygnus Spaceworks and Sienar Fleet Systems. Check for a shorted clock spring causing the speed control 5 volt feed to be shorted to power. This tracked and open vehicle was used by General Veers’ Blizzard Force to attack Echo Base.
The MTV-7 was armed with a Blaster Cannon and had thick, double wheels to provide an excellent tracking on Hoth’s icy landscape.
It was also able to configure itself into a lower position to adapt to different environments.
It wasn’t until May 2013 that the MTV-7 made another appearance since the initial release of the toy. Although it was named Imperial Sniper, the same vehicle was already in use on Tammuz-an in 15 BBY. Originally envisioned as a transport vehicle for droids, the PDT-8 was used by the Rebels on Hoth. This often automated open repulsorlift speeder had two large thrusters and two open spaces for transporting people or cargo from one installation to another.

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