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Chang b?ch ma hoang t? Kelvin Khanh va nang cong chua xinh d?p Kh?i My da co m?t t?i h?u tru?ng san kh?u t? r?t s?m. Cung xem qua m?t s? hinh ?nh c?a c?p doi Kelvin Khanh va Kh?i My sieu lang m?n tren san kh?u. Did you know that fleur de lis tattoo designs is one of the hottest topics on this category? Did you know that star and heart tattoo designs is one of the hottest topics on this category? Did you know that heart lock key tattoo designs has become the most popular topics on this category? Nen duyen t? khi cung nhau h?p tac trong m?t s?n ph?m nh?c, Kh?i My va Kelvin Khanh la m?t trong nh?ng c?p doi than thi?t va du?c fan mong mu?n tr? thanh ngu?i yeu nh?t c?a showbiz Vi?t. Kelvin Khanh la m?t trong hai thanh vien c?a nhom La Thang s? h?u ngo?i hinh di?n trai, tai nang va va nhan cach t?t, chinh vi th? anh chang s? h?u m?t lu?ng fan ham m? l?n.
Kelvin Khanh va Kh?i My la m?t trong nh?ng c?p doi d?p c?a showbiz Vi?t ma fan mong mu?n du?c thanh doi.

Vi?c Kelvin Khanh co t?t xi hoi khong con la chuy?n xa l? d?i v?i nh?ng ai quan tam va theo doi anh chang.
Ph?n song ca d?y tinh c?m c?a Kh?i My va Kelvin khi?n c? khan phong g?n nhu n? tung v?i ti?ng hao het c?a khan gi?. Sau d?y, Kelvin k?t h?p v?i thanh vien con l?i c?a nhom La Thang trong ti?t m?c d?y soi d?ng. B? doi Kh?i My - Kelvin Khanh v?a tung ra ca khuc "Chu?t yeu g?o" b?ng ti?ng Anh, ti?ng Han, v?i nh?ng hinh ?nh vo cung ng? nghinh, dang yeu.
C?p doi - Kelvin Khanh lien t?c g?n bo ben nhau trong cac d? an, ho?t d?ng am nh?c l?n trong cu?c s?ng. M?c du c? hai v?n len ti?ng kh?ng d?nh r?ng h? ch? la nh?ng ngu?i b?n than thi?t c?a nhau song h? nh?c t?i Kelvin Khanh ngu?i ta thu?ng nghi ngay t?i b?n trai Kh?i My va ngu?c l?i. Th? nhung it ai bi?t du?c r?ng anh chang co m?t t?t x?u khi?n ai cung ph?i ai ng?i do la xi hoi. Tuy nhien, khi chuong trinh phat song, ngu?i ham m? da nhanh chong boc m? r?ng t?t x?u do la c?a chinh b?n than anh chang ch? khong ph?i c?a ai khac.

Hom nay, c? 2 da quy?t d?nh tung ca khuc m?i "chieu dai" cac fan, m?t l?n n?a kh?ng d?nh tinh c?m d?c bi?t ma c? 2 danh cho nhau."Chu?t yeu g?o" khong ph?i la 1 ca khuc m?i, nhung du?c th? hi?n l?i khac bi?t b?i doi song ca dang hot hang d?u trong gi?i tr? hi?n nay. We took this image from the web we think would be one of the most representative images for fleur de lis tattoo designs. We took this picture from the web that we think would be probably the most representative pics for star and heart tattoo designs. We had taken this image on the internet that we believe would be one of the most representative pics for heart lock key tattoo designs. Kh?i My - Kelvin Khanh da l?a ch?n ngon ng? ti?ng Anh, ti?ng Han d? hat trong b?n thu am l?n nay. N?u m?i ngu?i da quen v?i 1 Kh?i My luon tr? trung, soi n?i, n? tinh thi Huy Khanh cung th? hi?n b?n than la 1 anh chang "nhi nh?nh", lem l?nh khong kem.

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