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THESE ARE THE 3 CRITERIA THAT PERMITS YOU AS A PHYSICIAN TO PART TAKE IN THE $60,000 STIMULUS PACKAGE! More and more doctors, nurses, clinicians, and hospitals are noticing that the patients are now beginning to take control of their medical records. We are pioneering the way into expanding the role of the EMR by creating an extra storage on every EMR which will have the ability to store ENCRYPTED DATA WHICH ONLY THE PATIENT HAS ACCESS TO.
Information such as bank accounts, passport numbers, drivers licenses, insurance policies, stocks and bonds and much, much more.

These codes are more detailed that the newer ICD 10 codes, which were much more defined than the ICD 9 Codes used today. We can show and prove to you that we can save you upwards of $100,000 per year (depending on the number of billing personnel you have) and more.
This way in case of a natural disaster or emergency, the individual will have all their important papers and documents with them at all times and safe in the knowledge that they are encrypted with the highest level of encryption, one that our own government uses. It may take physicians a little while to get used to the detailed explanations in these codes, but after they see how beneficial they are they will welcome them with open arms.

It will make their billing more exacting and thereby minimize the bounce backs on their insurance claims.

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