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75,000 Bonus Qantas Frequent Flyer Points, After first eligible purchase within the first 3 months. Qantas is joining the growing number of airlines backing Apple's Passbook technology for mobile boarding passes. Starting today, Qantas travellers who complete domestic check-in on their iPhone will be able to add their mobile boarding pass to their Passbook app. Just follow the mobile check-in process as you ordinarily would, and watch for the Add to Passbook button to appear at the top of the mobile boarding pass.
A Qantas spokesperson says the airline is "working on further developments to the app which will enable live updates to the boarding passes.
David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis. Azzaau, Qantas Club Bronze and Silver members still get their personalised boarding passes, although not displayed on the screenshot above. A long awaited report on Sydney’s airport needs has warned that the city faces ‘aircraft deadlock’ within a decade and will need a second airport by 2030. The report, produced by a joint federal and New South Wales government committee, recommended increasing the airport’s peak-hour cap from 80 to 85 aircraft movements, though it said such an increase would only buy the airport a few more years before it reaches capacity. The report said that even if a recently proposed overhaul of the airport’s terminals goes forward, the airport still wouldn’t be able to meet projected medium and long term passenger increases. At current rates, the airport is expected to reach peak-hour capacity by 2020 and full capacity by 2027, according to the report. The committee said inaction would cost the economy $6 billion in lost growth by 2035 and $60 billion by 2060, about half of that hitting New South Wales.
For all that, building a second airport has long been a politically contentious issue and is likely to become even more difficult as the city continues to expand.
The report said Badgerys Creek remains the best option because of its road and rail links and proximity to growing markets but said Wilton, in the city’s southwest, would be the next best choice, though it acknowledged that this too could face opposition.
The study recommended improving public transport links to the existing airport, immediately initiating a new Master Plan process for Sydney Airport, and opening RAAF Base Richmond to limited commercial traffic.
Albanese said he would push to “establish a joint body with NSW to look at implementing a long term strategy” and called for cooperation. I don’t even know why they waste our tax payer money on these studies, because the government will not do anything as this will only cause protests etc.
Sometimes tough decisions have to be made that are not always what the people in the area of the new airport want, but the greater good of the country and the economy have to come first. There is only one way forward with this – both sides of politics need to agree on a common solution and agree not to enter petty one-up-man-ship. That bi-partisanship will have to extend the entire way through from inception to delivery to negate cronyism also. Now given those parameters – how likely is Sydney to see another airport in the next 50 years unless the DoD is squeezed (without appropriate forethought) from their Richmond base? There’s no doubt that getting around the Australian outback, along with accommodation, is going to be your greatest cost. If you travel between Adelaide and Darwin, you’re looking at a distance of 3000km alone. That’s like travelling from Los Angeles to Cincinnati or from Paris to Ankara (Turkey) by road! So to help you with trip planning, we’ve put together some practical, budget-minded tips about getting around the outback in cars, planes, trains, buses and even motorcycles. What’s more, if you share fuel costs with someone else (or several other people), then getting around the outback in a car is the cheapest ways for getting around the outback. Renting a car to see the outback is a better option if you’re only here for a short amount of time.

However, there are quite a few hidden costs and traps to be aware of when renting a car to see the outback. Check out our car hire Alice Springs and car hire Ayers Rock pages to learn more about these added costs and traps.
Many people make the HUGE mistake of hiring an expensive 4WD when they don’t need one. Although there’s a lot fewer cars on the road out here, and the roads are often straight for hundreds of kilometres, the distances between places are HUUUUGE!
Like Coober Pedy to Alice Springs, which is 680km of almost straight road and not a single traffic light or town. In the last 10 years or so, we’ve noticed that campervans have become popular with many tourists for travelling in the outback. It’s easy to understand why, as they sleep anywhere from 2-6 people and are a home on wheels which lets you pull up anywhere you fancy. The following companies are a good place to start, as they offer a choice of 4WDs or vans and offer one-way rental.
This is where a campervan hire company needs their vehicle brought back to its home base, and they offer REALLY cheap rates (sometimes as low as $1 per day) for people to drive them from point A to point B. Unfortunately, there isn’t huge choice of airlines flying to the Alice Springs or Ayers Rock, which are both at the heart of the outback.
However one way to cut down on costs is to grab a bargain fare to Darwin or Adelaide and either start a road trip or buy a ticket on the Ghan. For much more information, including tips for getting cheap tickets, check out our Cheap Airfares in Australia page. Travelling in the outback by bus is something that you might want to think about if you’re not in a hurry. Lots of travellers and locals use the big Greyhound Australia buses between Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin.
The bus stops frequently for meals (some would say TOO frequently!), and you can also hop on and hop off if you have the right kind of ticket. If getting around the Outback as cheaply as possible if a priority for you, and you don’t want to drive, then a trip on the Ghan might be the answer.
The Ghan departs Adelaide for Alice Springs on Sunday and Wednesday (18 hours), continuing on to Darwin on Tuesday and Friday (another 24 hours). It returns from Darwin to Alice Springs on Wednesday and Saturday, continuing to Adelaide on Thursday and Sunday. We were critics of the expensive tickets on the Ghan until recently, when friends took it up to Darwin and then down to Adelaide. One of the best things about this is travelling as part of a group, as the group camaraderie really makes the trip.
Yet, riding a motorcycle in the outback brings you much more in touch with the passing environment as you’re not sitting in a car, separated from the elements. So you not only get a sense of freedom, you also feel intimately connected to the surrounding landscape.
In my many trips to across the outback, I’ve found that trip planning was absolutely critical.
My biggest lesson was that you’ve got very limited carrying space on a bike, so you need to be quite ruthless and careful with what you bring along. In fact, for some people staying in motels or cabins might be a much better option rather than riding with an overloaded bike.
It’s also much more of a challenge to ride long distances than it is to drive them, so fatigue is a big issue.
If you’re planning on motorcycling the outback, then buying your own bike (or bringing your own) is probably the best choice.

You can hire motorcycles in capital cities, but once you leave the cities, the costs of hire skyrocket. However, the book looks as if it would give you come very good practical advice on trip preparation and planning.
Whilst it’s a lot LESS popular now than it was in the 1970s and 80s, it is still possible to hitch rides around Australia. Secondly, people have told us that you have to be very patient and not in a rush to go anywhere. We’ve also been told that travelling alone helps, and writing a sign with your destination on it.
If you’ve enjoyed this article and found it useful, please share it on Google Plus, Pinterest or Facebook. You’ll be helping other travellers find this resource and assist with planning their outback adventures. AboutTravel Outback Australia is written by ordinary people for ordinary people who'd like to explore, adventure and see Australia's true heart: the outback. For such a long flight, it’s important that our crew are able to have a break too and they do so in a small compartment located underneath the economy section of our A380 aircraft.
It is expected to help boost visitor numbers to our region from key visitor markets in Asia and Europe as well as providing Cairns locals with easier access to Singapore and the many international connections available from there. The Qantas Windows Phone app is amazing, it raises the bar for the airline's anemic iPhone app (which admittedly is more for frequent flyers than travelling per se).
Anticipating opposition to the Badgery’s Creek option, the committee recommended Wilton, south of Campbelltown, as a next-best option for a second airport. By 2035, the airport will have virtually no options for increasing capacity even through the use of larger aircraft.
The government purchased the Badgerys Creek site more the two decades ago for use as an airport, but the city’s growth to the west has since surrounded the site with residential areas, and building an airport there is now opposed by both the federal and state governments.
It also said Bankstown Airport, currently reserved for general aviation, could be opened to turboprop commercial flights, though Albanese said he opposed that change. No matter which way you look at it, there is no viable option for a second airport without serious cost incursions. We will be seeing this same story in another 10 years, still with no outcome or fix to the problem. If you’re stupid enough to buy a house under a flight path, deal with your poor choice. You can also get 4WD models, usually based around the Toyota Troop Carrier, an outback icon itself. You’ll need to be prepared for the long distances, changing road conditions, fatigue and hazards like road trains, animals and other road users!
So while you’re sitting back watching a movie our team of 20 cabin crew are busy making sure you, our customers are comfortable and of course safe. The area in the west of Sydney (Badgery’s Creek, Luddenham etc) is undulating to say the least. Since when has the government ever worried about anything other then votes and individual power. The government should tell people who live under the flight paths into and out of Sydney to either deal with the noise of aircraft or move. Sydney is already losing out to Melbourne and Brisbane with international flights that arrive within the curfew period.

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