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Whether we notice them or not, we all see our fair share of semi trucks on a daily basis – they’re everywhere! Anytime you combine The King of Horror and The Lords of Rock, you are sure to create something extra bad – and by that we mean good. For this second entry, it’s really just a matter of taste, therefore, we’re going to leave it up to you. Dipping into the television archives a bit, we have to highlight that infamous red and white Kenworth K-100 cab over semi truck from the briefly aired comedy B.J.
While there are many trucks that join the Convoy, in the 1978 movie by the same name, there is no arguing that the most infamous of them all is Rubber Duck’s (Kristofferson’s) Mack RS 786LST (although, multiple trucks were used throughout the filming process, for different shots).
Of course, when it comes to the 1987 arm wrestling movie Over the Top, there are two famous trucks to highlight. Last but not least is the infamous Pork Chop Express from the 1986 movie Big Trouble in Little China. The cabin is traditionally made in a modern Dodge RAM pickups style – brutal and bullish.
You can create your own unique pickup, choosing from several variants of body, engine, color, trim and drive. As mentioned above, the load capacity of the car is 2500 lbs., these figures provide a heavy duty and efficient engines. The Dodge Ram pickups are using the legendary Cummins turbo diesels that are designed for the most demanding use. Even though the manufacturer and doesn’t say a word about the release date for the next model, we can expect a update display in mid-2017.
As already mentioned, the changes will be purely cosmetic, price changes can not be afraid. At the Chicago Auto Show Toyota unveiled their new line of off-road TRD Pro trim levels for the Tundra and Tacoma pickups and 4Runner SUVs.

Sergio Marchionne told Larry Vellicate from Automotive News that in his opinion, the current Wrangler was too overweight and used too much fuel, this led to rumors of aluminum panels being used in the next generation Jeep. Well, while there are certainly plenty of every day semi-trucks on the road, we’ve compiled a list nine super cool, super unique semi-trucks that you WON’T see every day. Who is cooler, Megatron, the nasty leader of the Decepticons, or Optimus Prime, the noble leader of the Autobots? This here super cool semi is from the 1977 classic comedy Smokey and the Bandit – the pioneer of all trucking movies.
Interestingly enough, the truck itself was designed, conceptually, by the film company, to fully fit the vibe of the film, and then Mack was commissioned to build the “star” truck, fully custom for the film. For starters, there’s the ever trusty 1965 Autocar A64b with the built-in weight machine, where Lincoln Hawk (Stallone) honed his arm wrestling skills, and, secondly, there’s the red and black, grand prize Volvo for the winner of the arm wrestling competition. The difference between this big rig and the others on the list is that there is absolutely nothing fancy about this – no bells and whistles.
As you can see, there have been some super cool semi-trucks in the past…and we’re certain there will be plenty more in the future!
In the car employs as much as 45 systems that will ensure maximum safety for the driver, passengers and, of course, the car. Another thing is that updating in outlook will be insignificant, and changes in power plants are not planned at all.
However the main news from Chicago concerning the Japanese manufacturer came from a short dialogue between the journalist of the Automotive News Richard Truett and Vice-President of Toyota USA Bob Carter. The Ford designers have taken on the challenge of producing a new concept car while at the same time retaining the familiar silhouette of its incredibly popular predecessor.
2017 Jeep Wrangler release date No dates have yet been released so rumors are rife, all we really know is that it will be sometime in 2017.
While one is an extra rugged MACK® Granite™ military truck that wants to destroy mankind, the other is a Freightliner FL86 cab-over-engine triple axle semi trailer truck that intends to save the human race.

Considering the show only aired for two years (1979 to 1981), this is still one of the most popular semi-trucks to have ever traveled the country’s highways, albeit on TV. Although the movie starred Burt Reynolds, his friend, Snowman (Cledus), had a beauty of a black and gold Kenworth W900 rig (1973) that featured a 48-foot long mural that was manufactured by Hobbs Trailers in Texas. Standing as an acronym for Foundation for Law and Government and acting as the mobile headquarters for all of the always-thrilling Knight Rider adventures, anyone with a pulse in the 80s had daydreams of driving this black big rig and running dispatch for Michael as he saved the day. However, because it was driven by the one and only Jack Burton (Kurt Russell), this Freightliner FLC 120 is deserving, as the sixth super cool semi-truck in trucking lore. It is not surprising, because engineers in the development of this model focused on the freight quality. Among the main means of ensuring safety front and side airbags, the system of stress distribution belt, new ABS system. In the interview the journalist said that according to information received from two sources, Toyota is considering the possible appearance of a Cummins ISV diesel engine in the Tundra engine lineup in the 2017 model year. In the dimensional way crossover is available in a configuration with seven or eight seats and generous luggage space, which is 23 cubic ft (660 litres) when fully occupied by passengers and the cabin increases to an impressive 115 cubic ft (3263 liters) by the addition of seats second and third row. The restyled 2017 Honda Accord sedan has a more modern and solid appearance in a new body of 2016-2017. Despite the fact that the Pontiac Trans Am was a real showstopper at the time, Snowman’s truck is certainly an iconic big rig for the ages.
In addition, there is a special system that enables to control the displacement of your trailer.
Complete with a battering ram bumper, ejector seat, rocket launcher, radar dish and tons of other amazing gadgets, Rhino is truly one of the coolest semis ever.

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