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A Qatar Airways 787 collects CEO Akbar Al Baker and a contigent of Boeing officials from Doha to Dubai on Wednesday. Qatar said the 787—the lone Dreamliner in its fleet of five to undergo the battery system modifications specified by U.S.
Joined by Boeing Middle East president Jeffrey Johnson, Boeing deputy fleet chief David Silver and a delegation of regional and international media, Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker sat among the first group of passengers to fly aboard the airline’s reinstated Dreamliner 787. Boeing has refused comment on which customer might next deploy a 787 on a revenue flight, but so far launch customer All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines and LAN Airlines parent LATAM Airlines Group have each specified June 1 as their target for returning their 787s to service.
The National Health Insurance Company (NHIC) announced the results of a patient experience survey, conducted by the Qatar Statistics Authority between July and December 2013, which queried 1,530 female beneficiaries of Stage 1 of the scheme, Seha. 84% of the respondents who had received treatment under the scheme stated Seha had met or exceeded their expectations while a significant 90% of respondents rated very highly the women’s health benefits received under the scheme. About Qatar TodayAs Qatar’s only News and Business monthly, Qatar Today reaches an audience that is much sought after.
Insurance firms operating in the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) are already subject to a regulatory regime that meets this IAIS framework.

Four-fifths of the respondents (79%) rated the hospital experience under the health insurance scheme very favourably.
The flight landed some four days after an Ethiopian Airlines 787 flew its first revenue service on a route between Addis Ababa and Nairobi. Previously, local insurance companies set up outside the QFC were regulated by the statutes of a law that has been on the books since 1966.The new law replaces the older one, which was widely seen as antiquated, and brings companies operating outside the QFC under the QCB’s regulatory oversight.
However, companies based inside the QFC will remain under the supervision of the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority (QFCRA). The country’s young population, robust economic foundations and a programme of infrastructure and oil and gas developments make it highly attractive to both local and international insurers.Another reason to expect growth is that there are very few compulsory insurance rules in Qatar. Third-party motor liability and professional liability for engineers are the only two categories currently obligatory, far fewer than in many other countries.
It is expected that the next few years will see more categories added to this list – the most widely anticipated being mandatory health insurance for Qataris and expatriates.However, there are “gaps in the market”, according to Ryan, “particularly in product innovation, reinsurance and captive insurance”.
Reinsurance has traditionally been an area in which Qatari companies have gone outside the country to access.

The GCC in general has very high cession rates – the percentage of the total premium that goes to reinsurers – due to a generally low level of capital among Gulf insurers. Making the country a more attractive target for investment is an objective of both the Qatar National Vision 2030 and Qatar National Development Strategy 2011-16.In this vein, the new law also established the Financial Stability and Risk Control Committee (FSRCC) under the auspices of the QCB as a mechanism for coordinating the activities of Qatar’s three supervisory bodies and implementing a consistent regulatory regime across the financial industry. That same month, Yousef Hussein Kamal, the minister of economy and finance, announced that plans were in motion to set up high-level regulatory coordination under the umbrella of the QCB.The announcement of the new law in December 2012 and its implementation in February has fulfilled long-held hopes for streamlining Qatar’s regulatory architecture.
It has also brought about the enhanced regulation of the insurance sector, and opportunities to level the playing field for all insurance companies -- whether located in the QFC or not.

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