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As we sat around the marketing conference table last month, talk turned to holiday content marketing strategies for small businesses and enterprise businesses alike.
Every business is different, of course, but we came up with three smart strategies to help you harness your next holiday in the content marketing department. Take some time to map out what holidays or other special events your team wants to celebrate or observe throughout the coming year.
Consider holiday-themed website design or social media jpegs that are nuanced with the season’s colors.
Our partners at Volume Nine SEO have created an ecommerce holiday planning checklist you can use to get ahead of the holidays (and your competition!) in 2015. This Summit will gather regulators, financial institutions and leading data and technology vendors from around the region to provide you the insights you need to navigate the Australian financial markets.
The Chicago Trading & Technology Summit – returning for it's 2nd year to provide the trading community with unparalleled opportunities to network and do business with top trading firms, quant funds, end investors, banks, brokers, and technology providers. The aim of the awards is to recognize the leading technologies and vendors in their area of expertise, through an auditable and transparent methodology underpinned by the input and experience of six judges - four buy-side-focused technology consultants and Buy-Side Technology's editors. The 11th annual American Financial Technology Awards (AFTAs) will take place on the evening of Monday, December 7, 2015 in New York.
Hosted by Inside Market Data and Inside Reference Data, the annual Inside Market Data Awards and Inside Reference Data Awards take place in New York, and recognize industry excellence with market data, reference data and enterprise data management. This white paper explores how a transformation in the development and delivery of back-office services and utilities is allowing capital markets firms to concentrate on their core activities.
Stress testing and scenario modeling is essential for any financial institution (FI) that wants to survive market shocks and increased regulatory scrutiny. Chartis is the leading provider of research and analysis on the global market for risk technology and is part of Incisive Media. ICE will now impose third-party connectivity fees and reporting obligations on vendors, rather than end-users. Deutsche Bahn (DB) has awarded mobile connectivity pioneer Icomera the contract to supply onboard Internet to its fleet of high speed long distance ICE (Intercity-Express) passenger trains in Germany. Work on test trains will begin this summer, with the installation project for the existing fleet planned to be completed in 2016. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Icomera is one of the fastest growing Swedish technology companies operating globally today.
Karl-Johan Holm, President and CEO of Icomera, said: “We are very pleased that, through a rigorous procurement process, Deutsche Bahn has chosen Icomera to provide its onboard passenger Wi-Fi. Michael Peterson, Member of the Board of DB Fernverkehr said: “Our goal is to provide an excellent service and on-board experience.
Icomera is the world’s leading provider of open Internet connectivity and application platforms for passenger transport and public safety. Icomera is headquartered in Sweden with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, France and channel partners worldwide. With 260 direct connections to 120 foreign cities, Deutsche Bahn can be considered not only as a national rail carrier, but also as an international service provider.

For your catering business, consider a Christmas and Hanukkah blog series featuring custom menus. But it does create a relationship where readers and viewers trust the source each time they have a positive interaction.
Remember to treat your customers like people: people who celebrate holidays but also enjoy a good message from brands and businesses they like and trust. ICE uses a combination of methods including Session Traversal Utility for NAT (STUN) and Traversal Using Relay NAT (TURN). At this event you will hear updates from leading practitioners on subjects such as High Frequency Trading and Smart Order Routing. This report tracks developments in the marketplace, suggests best practice and provides an overview of the available risk technology support systems.
This report updates our earlier research on the current trends in buy-side risk management technology. The agreement includes approximately 260 trains in the existing ICE fleet, plus a new fleet of more than 100 trains being delivered over the next few years. Deutsche Bahn’s ICE trains will benefit from the Internet connectivity solution built on Icomera’s X-Series open application and connectivity platform, supporting passenger Wi-Fi requirements. Its mobile Internet solutions connect tens of thousands of vehicles and millions of passengers to the Internet every week. Our solution will extend the high quality passenger experience that Deutsche Bahn is known for, while also establishing the framework and foundations required for developing a truly interconnected eco-system of onboard services and systems in the future. We measure ourselves against the high standards set by our passengers, and fast reliable Wi-Fi with high performance mobile Internet connectivity is now a key requirement. Its award-winning products are deployed on rail, road and sea, serving millions of Wi-Fi users every week across the globe and providing high-speed access for fleet tracking and mission-critical onboard systems.
Furthermore, about 24,200 Deutsche Bahn passenger trains run daily on its approximately 33,300 kilometre long, modern rail network. If you continue, we'll assume you are happy for your web browser to receive all cookies from our website. Everyone knows that mattresses go on sale over Memorial Day and cars can be had for cheaper on Labor Day, but do these sales and promotions really work? If you are the entire marketing team for your business, perhaps create two tiers of holidays to celebrate: one tier gets nice, well-crafted sentiments on Facebook or by email. So, if you run a cooking store and it’s Fourth of July week, blog about amazing red, white and blue cakes.
It’s better to send an email with a subject line that reads: “You’ve HAVE to see this cake…” and then feature an awesome creation from a loyal customer. The second tier is more labor intensive and you’ll need to work ahead to celebrate these holidays. Head over to Instagram and post your best parade snaps from the local Independence Day festivities.
This private IP address is meaningless to a device on the public Internet and the registrar would not know how to reach Bob.A second example involves problems in sending Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) media.

ICE use SIP, which means that the NAT traversal of SIP must be provided by another mechanism. ICE allows UAs, who are initially ignorant of their topologies, to discover enough topology information to find communications paths.The two UAs are each behind a NAT with unknown properties. Both UAs have a list of transport addresses that can be used to communicate with another agent.
ICE is used to discover which addresses can connect to each other and the method used to make that connection through the NAT.To execute ICE UAs have to identify all address candidates, transport addresses. Transport addresses are a combination of IP address and port for a particular transport protocol. UA2 performs the same candidate gathering and sends a SDP response with it’s list of candidates.
Figure 3 shows the components of the candidate pairs that make up the UA check list.The result of both agents testing is a 4-way handshake on the exact same ports that will be used for media.
The controlling agent used the valid candidate pairs to nominate a pair to use for the media.
Both just happen to be using the same STUN server (which is not required but shown in this example for simplicity) which is listening for STUN binding requests.
UA1 is behind a NAT that has an endpoint independent mapping property and an address dependent filtering property.Figure 8 shows the flow of this ICE communication example.
After obtaining the host candidate from its local IP address UA1 sends a STUN binding request to get a reflexive candidate (messages 1 to 4). The NAT creates a binding for the request that becomes the server reflexive candidate for RTP. UA2 proceeds to obtain a server reflexive candidate (messages 6 and 7), which is identical to its host candidate because it is not behind a NAT.
Since UA1 started the communication it is deemed as controlling and UA2 is made controlled. UA2 tries a connectivity check but since it is controlled it does not have the proper attributes to reach UA1 through the NAT so the request is dropped (message 9). UA1 being the controlling party has the attribute to traverse the NAT device with its aggressive nomination STUN connectivity check (messages 10 to 13). After receiving the STUN binding request with aggressive nomination UA2 does a matching check using the attribute from UA1’s STUN binding request to verify the connection (messages 14 to 16). At this point both UAs have verified that the connection is valid and it has been nominated for use for this media stream.

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