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The supermini vehicle known as the Hyundai Getz is sold by the Hyundai Motor Company, occasionally under the name of the Hyundai TB or the Hyundai Click. Upon its launch in the year 2002, the Hyundai Getz was made available with petrol or turbo diesel Configurations. In the year 2006, the Hyundai Getz received a four cylinder 1.5 liter diesel option, as well as a face lifted dash board and interior.
Hyundai is available in color variants of Bright Silver, Ebony Black, Noble White and Electric Blue.
The car is equipped with Rear Bumper Reflectors which avoid any hazardous situation by reflecting the light falling on them from the trailing vehicle.

Beginning in the year 2004, a 1.1 liter Configuration was introduced to the Hyundai Getz line.
In Europe, however, the Hyundai Getz received four out of five stars on the standard Euro NCAP crash test.
Side air bags are available on most models of the Hyundai Getz, with the exception of those models sold in the South African market. Primarily, the car was known for its European looks, but gradually, it has become more mature-looking. The Front Ventilated Disc & Rear Drum Brakes contribute to GETZ's surefooted, confident braking ability.

The optional Anti Lock Brake System (ABS) modulates brake pressure in sudden braking situations and prevents wheel lock or skidding.
It is equipped with features like Air-conditioning, Heater, Adjustable Rear Seat Inclination, Full Door Armrest, Utility Tray, Luggage Tray, Parcel Shelf, Room Lamp, Low Fuel Warming Lamp, Double Folding rear seat, and many more, which combine to make the car a delightful entity.

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