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But thanks to the outstanding reporting work of CBS4’s Brian Maass, we know that Ryan is under investigation by both the Lakewood and Denver Police departments for allegedly soliciting a prostitute.
Read the pages of the federal search warrant to see how knowledgeable Ryan was on Denver Players. Vice detective Mike Ryan was also instrumental in the takedown of the “Million Dollar Madam,” Hong Tang. When reviewing the case file of Hong Tang, we found the following check written from the account of a local pizza place, made out to the name of one of the Denver Sexy prostitutes who turned informant on Tang.

The fact that the check was included as evidence in a case file is a telling piece of evidence in itself. Additionally, when we tried to make contact with the owners of the pizza joint two years ago, our phone calls were returned, but the individuals would not meet with us in person to prove their identity. In the coming weeks and days, DPD should lean towards as much transparency as possible when discussing the investigation, and any subsequent actions regarding Michael Ryan.
Significant support was provided to that theory when former federal Judge Edward Nottingham was linked with the ring.

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