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The Range Rover Sport has proven something of a popular oddity, thanks to its seemingly paradoxical combination of crushing offroad ability and sportscar-humbling performance.
This will help anyone having problems figuring out what the REAL color of their truck is, which axle they, really have, or anything else about the truck that might interest you! When the grease oozes back out, immediately after pumping it in, the fitting is either clogged, or the passageways are. One of the most common reasons is if a Paint Code is required in order to purchase a Touch Up Paint Stick.What does the chassis number look like?A Fiat Chassis Number will start with the letters ZFA this is then followed by 14 numbers.
From 73 - 79, most trucks had Rear Drive shafts with Slip Yolks on the end of the Driveshaft closest to the Transfer case.
The Chassis Number will be 17 digits long in total.Where do you find your chassis number?Windscreen - The quickest way to find your chassis number is to look on the windscreen underneath where your Tax Disc is displayed.

The second set of characters (if applicable) identify the vehicle accent or 2-tone body color. I only use Extreme Pressure Waterproof Wheel Bearing grease on my U- Joints, and front end parts. The Drag Link connects the Steering Arm, to the Pitman Arm, which is connected to the Steering Box. There's two oval shaped holes in the Transmission cross member, to allow easier access to the Cardan Joint Zerk fittings. It's the best you can do, even if the grease is more expensive than typical chassis grease.
The 79 and later models, have a Slip Yolk where the end of the Rear Driveshaft goes into the rear of the Transfer Case. If the end of the grease gun is securely on a Zerk fitting, and you can't pump any grease into it, it may be clogged. When greasing the driveshaft, put the truck in park, in 2wd, and make sure the front hubs are unlocked.

That way, you can turn the driveshaft to the easiest position to get at each of the Zerk fittings. If your truck's Rear Driveshaft has a Center Support Bearing, be sure to check it for play, and grease it too. You'll also have two more U - Joints to grease than the rest of us.Something to keep in mind when changing gear oil, or getting ready to drain a Transfer Case, Differential, or Manual Transmission is the Fill Plug. If you can't get the fill plug out, and you drained all your Gear Lube, then what will you do? If you get a plug, and a Zerk with a new U - Joint, it's because you have to install the Zerk, grease the joint, then remove the Zerk, and install the plug.

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