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ExpertiseI have been an Advanced Master Gardener for 24 years and I raise around 300 houseplants and bonsai trees a year including tropicals, succulents, and cacti.
It needs bright light near ab east or west window with drapes or blinds open most of the day and has low water requirements. It is my experience that it will not do well if the light is not bright enough for your hand to cast a good shadow where it is sitting.

Make sure the soil is dry before you water it again and never leave it sit with the drain tray full of water but don't let it be dry for a week or two before watering it. I have studied plants on a personal level by growing hundreds of plants annually for the last 35 years. If your water does leave it sit in an open bucket for 48 hours before using it on the plant so the flouride will dissipate into the air before using it.

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