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Now I am going to vacation and have the exit-rentry paper with HH2343788 as passport number printed on it but on my passport read as H2343788. If you are unable to find the status using the above website, kindly give your iqama & name as on iqama and I will try to get you the details.
Should you pls send me a list of profession who can able to avail for multiple visa in saudi arabia. Hi this is my iqama number 2271957322, my passport number is XX2699794 my iqama name is jazelle nivera digno, im applying for exit visa and my kafil told me that is was finished but not gave me any papers telling me that i have to just give my print to the immigration officer, i wanna have copy of my exit visa can you help me, i wanna see if the exit visa does exist. Assalamalykum, I just want to know that iam planning for vacation on 6 january 2014 and coming on 25 january 2014,and my iqama will expire on 2 March 2014, can you please tell is their any issue on getting exit re-entry for me. Dear sir my family arrived in jeddah ksa on residence visa in october 2013.But i went to jawazat to make new family iqma. On exit re entry visa print its written “return before so and so date where as visa duration is 64 days from the day of departure and the return date is given before. I am on visit visa need to to to pakistan urgently for a surgery can I get entry exit visa while on visit as this option is available in qatar. Eid Mubarak, sir I’m going for vacation this coming August 01, friday , I want to know how many days duration of my visa, IQAMA no.

How much is the cost of an exit visa?My friend is working under a private company (a restaurant) and he’s a male. Before I go for topic “Correction in Aadhaar Card”, I am showing how to download aadhaar card online for those who are not yet download it. Certificate of Identify having photo issued by Gazetted Officer or Tehsildar on letterhead.
I will change my address.but I have a correct address proof only at pan card othervise rationcard and voter id my address is wrong .
I want to change the address but electricity bill on my father name so is it possible to update my address ? Over 30 Photo studios across Bangalore , GK Vale studios provides you all you need for your Photoshoot inBangalore , be it for professional profile, social media, engagement, couple shoots, baby photography, family portrait and portfolio photography, outdoor and event shoots like portraits at your place, weddings , engagements, corporate events… GK Vale is there to give you the best service. I click my country but still it put under Euthopia and even I change it it back to Euhtopia. So to be on the safe side, you can back calculate by 75 days from you day of departure and apply for exit re-entry by that date. If I not go back to saudi till the visa is valid & when it become invalid visa…can I go to saudi with new visa or not?

Sabuero I just want to ask about my status entry in saudi arabia, I finished my 2 years contract and I came back from vacation and work for only 10 months but my employer didn’t give an exit papers but they just send me in the airport and I personally give my iqama at the immigration officer instead. If you get your Aadhaar card with containing wrong information, you can do correction in Aadhaar card online or by post providing right information. After getting OTP on your mobile, put the OTP and log in your aadhaar account for correction in Aadhaar card. The HR said that the new saudi system just need to check online and there’s no need for exit visa or paper.
Any one, who is not getting their Aadhaar card yet, can download from UIDAI website in PDF format.
And why there is no father’s name in e-aadhaar card, which actually is very important.

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