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If any authorized Numbers is against your CNIC contact the Related Customer Service Center or Franchise with Your original CNIC to get all them blocked quickly. 03200515651 sir mujy es numb ki information cahiy please sir muj bta dy ky ye kis ky nam hai .?
The Aadhaar card program was started in 2009 with an aim to give the Indian citizens a universal identity of their residence ship. Aadhaar Card gives every individual a 12-digit Unique Identification Number which is based on the Direct Benefit Transfer for the LPG Subsidy amount.
It is the only sufficient document to be produced for opening account under Pradhan Mnatri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY).
The most relieving benefit of Aadhaar card is getting your passport in just 10 days wherein the police verification will be done on a later date.
It is beneficial for storing all the personal documents and information under the Indian Government Digital Locker System wherein you need to link your 12-digit Unique Identification Number during the sign-up process. It helps in eliminating all the bogus voters by linking the 12-digit Aadhaar card number with Voter Card.
It helps people in registering themselves for their monthly pension as well as for provident fund money. It is a valid proof for opening a bank account as well as for investing in stock market (SEBI). Considering about the benefits of Aadhaar Card with an increase in its acceptance all over, it is must for every Indian citizen to get their Aadhaar card online easily. This is all you need to go through the process to check the status of your Aadhaar card online. To know the PF balance you have to visit the Know your EPF Balance Page. On the page, click on the know your EPF balance link.
In the PF account number row the first two columns must be pre-filled according to your choice of OF office.
In the fourth column normally you should not fill anything unless there is extension number in your PF number. Note that amount is divided under two heads, The first one ‘EE’ is the employee contribution. I have few questions of my own for which i was looking answers and this in tern lended me on this page. Hai Sir , My PF UAN num i dont know how can i get it my employer is not giving it is showing as above can u please tell m how can i know UAN num, and how can i get my PF amount with out asking Employer??
Hello sir, My mobile number has been revoked so that i am unable to login or create new password in UAN Account.
I switched from TechMahindra to IBM 5 years ago and while switching, I transferred TechM to IBM. I checked the same with my the 2 companies and they said every thing is done from our side. What is the best option and process I have to withdraw my PF till date considering I am out of country and now its more then 3 years since there is no amount deposited against my PF accounts? I had old PF account with registered with my mobile number, Now I have join another company so how do I register different PF account with same mobile number? I am applied PF in the last only till now i did not get any information from pf ofc even passbook also not available,how to know the update of pf ?
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I actually forgot about it for a while, until I noticed last week that online bank EverBank started offering it on both their Yield Pledge Money Market and FreeNet Checking accounts.

To be eligible, you must have an existing personal account (see above), and a computer with a TWAIN-compliant scanner (pretty much anything bought within the last five years).
Another advantage is that you can gain access to your funds sooner (and also start earning interest). I got this all to work fine on the first try on a Windows PC, but I could not get it to work on Mac OS X. Does anyone have any experience with Chase’s iPhone app that allows a check to be deposited by taking a picture with the phone’s camera?
My credit union allows you to type in the numbers on the check and the deposit is made immediately.
I use a Mac and since the last JAVA update it takes a bit longer for the scanner interface to load but no other issues beyond that. Steve, checks are already terribly insecure (really, why put your account number in plain text on the face of the check!?).
Their scanning app only works with Internet Explorer, and I don’t have any problem with it.
I note that Evergreen now has a $5,000 minimum balance to avoid a monthly $8.95 service charge. The editorial content on this site is not provided by the companies whose products are featured. All information is given on this page and you can find your SIM’s according to the CNIC number. People faced numerous difficulties during the initial stages of their enrolment including incorrect data and much more as well as even they were quite not clear about its importance.
It is even believed that Aadhaar card will be given much more importance after more schemes will be launched by the Government.
Remember that your Aadhaar card is a mandatory document and valid proof of your identity as an Indian citizen. It may be that you are working in Tamilnadu office, but registered office of the company is in Delhi. In case of company switch, how much time the new company takes to link employee’s new PF account with UAN and how much time the old company takes to intimate UAN that the employee has left.
For the first time after Googling for 100 hundreds; I was able to know my EPF balance with the help of this article. Becuz the PF status show that u already have this mobile number registered with another account so I cant register? I loved the idea of scanning in checks from your home computer any time of day without the hassle of going to the bank or waiting for snail mail. I called customer service and they indicated that it was common for Macs to have problems with TWAIN drivers.
It sounds like a great idea, but Bank of America’s app does not yet have that functionality.
Those banks WANT you to come into their branch, see the promo on home equity loans and take one out (or whatever additional products they might be pushing).
Keep the checks around just incase the deposit doesn’t go through, then shred when cleared. I think what keeps the whole system from falling down is the fact that fraud can be detected much faster these days. If you don’t get it to work, you can just send in your own scans that you obtained however you want. Any opinions, analyses, reviews or evaluations provided here are those of the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the Advertiser.

Soon numerous issues were resolved as well as people were able to get their Aadhaar card online easily and even people can simply check Aadhaar card status online. Coming back to our tutorial to check Aadhaar card online, follow the steps mentioned below. Get helpPassword recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you.
The UAN portal not only gives tells you the PF balance status, but also the entire PF passbook. Now my PF is still sitting there in two PF accounts as I never transfer the PF while switching jobs.
Can you please tell me why I did not get complete amount which should be somewhere around 70,000?
Do note that if you are blacklisted you won't able to enjoy your oversea trip, even to Singapore. But at the time only few banks offered it like selected credit unions and USAA, both of which had membership restrictions. At this point, your check is considered deposited, and you are supposed to shred or destroy the physical check. While they said they could help me work through it, it would be a tedious process and may have to be repeated each time I wanted to make a deposit. They also have a version without scanner where you have to mail the check in, but that would cost a stamp, whereas the online version is free. If you have only one SIM and you check online details and here is 2 SIM’s are activated on your CNIC card then you must go to the nearest franchise where you submit your application against that person who is using your SIM card against you CNIC number.
Since the launch of the Aadhaar program, various initiatives have been made officially about this mandatory document. This is because some amount of its contribution goes towards a pension scheme (maximum 541 rupees per month). Job with CNBC Awaaz also helped me to explore the world of Investment, Saving, Insurance, and Tax.
It is securing you when any kind of person arrested in dangerous places and you will be secure like it. Here I am with a brief tutorial on how to check Aadhaar card status online by following few simple steps but before doing the same let us know little more about the benefits of Aadhaar card.
Because there are many PF frauds happening where employer did not submit the PF amount.  That is why you should check your PF balance online regularly.
At not even one place can you easily see the actual PF balance as you can see in your bank account.. See the Funds Availability section of the Account Terms and Disclosures for information on access to funds. The first two alphabets is the code for region and next three alphabets is the code for PF office.
Now it is easy way to check your Telenor SIM information online by entering your CNIC number, check SIM owner name and check Telenor SIM status. Pakistan telecommunication Authority PTA has introduced Subscriber Identity Module data Frame Work to Check How many Numbers are registered on you National identity card number.

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