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Os dejo los pasos de como realizar el check in online en American Airlines, recordad que esta solo disponible 24 horas antes ( y ademas exactas) de la salida de vuestro viaje. Tenemos que rellenar los campos: numero de pasaporte, fecha de nacimiento y fecha de expiracion del pasaporte. 4.una vez esto, sale la opcion de elegir asiento, en mi caso ya los tenia reservados, no obstante, le he dado al tic de seleccionar. 6.Por ultimo, confirmamos los asientos y el sistema nos informa de la realizacion del check in online con exito. Tenemos la opcion de imprimir la tarjeta de embarque en el momento y tambien enviarla por email para la tarjeta de embarque movil. Mi vuelo son dos trayectos, asi que he imprimido directamente las dos tarjetas de embarque, ya esta todo listo!
Recordad que si facturais equipaje, en Barajas y el Prat hay mostradores especiales para dejar solo el equipaje (drop -off) que normalmente no tienen gente, por lo que facturareis muy rapido.
No olvideis tampoco, que si haceis escala en Estados Unidos, debeis recoger las maletas despues de pasar inmigracion, tras vuestro primer vuelo, pasar aduana y volverlas a colocar en las cintas para vuelos internos o donde corresponda, no os preocupeis que esta bien indicado e intentare hacer fotos.

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I was excited that I would have the opportunity to finish up some work I was doing for a client during my flight and I sent an email informing the client that I would be completing my work for them next day.  Now I wouldn’t have to stay up late that night completing the work before my flight the following morning – or so I thought! When I asked the flight attendant about it, she told me that the wifi in the plane we were using “has been broken for quite some time” and there would be no wifi available on this flight.  So, not only did I pre-purchase wifi access from GoGo for no reason at all, I also lost several hundered dollars worth of billable hours and upon landing, I was forced to inform my client that I was unable to complete my work for him that day as I had promised. I guess the moral of the story is that American Airlines and GoGo can not be trusted to live up to their promise of in-flight wifi and I won’t be falling for their “bait and switch” advertising tactics in the future. I was very impressed with American Airline’s quick response to my complaint and I sent them my flight information the following day. American knows you are very busy and one thing that is very nice is that it does make it very easy as well either online or on their application. After entering in this information you will then be able to look at your first and last name as well as the location which is listed on the confirmation.
After verifying all of that information you will be able to continue with the process of verifying all of the details on your itinerary and then checking in.

When you check in you will also need to verify the number of bags that you will be bringing with you and proceed with the rest of the process of continuing with also choosing if you want to change your seat. American makes it very easy to allow you to be able to check in online and handle all of your details so that you will be able to travel without worrying about your bags or worrying about any other factors. Como veis en este paso 5, aparece el mapa del avion y tambien el asiento que tengo reservado, ademas, podria cambiar aqui tambien si lo quisiera el del segundo trayecto. They have an excellent mobile application as well as they are also able to provide all of the information as well easily.

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