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It would be fair to say the Subaru Legacy sedan isn’t a car at the top of most people’s wish lists. It's because of these big ticket items that decisions need to be well informed, and well researched. AutoSelect is a registered motor vehicle trader that sells quality ex-lease NZ New vehicles.Because our vehicles have been registered first in NZ, this provides you with one of the safest and surest ways of buying a used vehicle. But before you take your first step into viewing the cars, you should at the very least, start with a checklist of things to do.
All makes, all models from cars to trucks and everything in-between, most with a full service history and most only one owner. We always have a great selection of High Quality European and performance vehicles under cover to view.
Additionally, all our vehicles are put through an independent 100 point check carried out by either the AA or VTNZ.New stock arriving daily with locations in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.
So it's actually more important to set a budget you can afford to know which are the cars you should be looking at.
We have an online application on our website our phone us direct for a QUOTERMVT No M198933 SHORE PRESTIGE Euro and performance car specialists.

Nevertheless, taking the first step to setting your budget will set you in the right path.For example, doing so will help you get an idea of which cars are within your price range. Beware of cars that are priced too low, as the cheaper things are, quality isn't exactly just "next door."2. And there were other concepts there too, designed to make waves in personal transportation. Research and reviewsNow that you've got an idea of what you're going to spend, and the kinds of cars that are within a certain price bracket, you've got to go research them. What is the wear and tear like?This is important because of the maintenance you're going to spend on it after buying your desired car.
Sometimes, knowing how much these things cost is equally as important as setting the budget too as you don't want cost overruns!3. Contact the sellerNow that you're confident enough, it's time to contact the seller to express your interest.
Remember to ask questions like "what is the current condition of the car?" to "how much of mileage has the car gone on already?" and "has the car ever been in a major accident before?"Often times, you might not know if someone is telling you the truth.
But you can sort of gauge sincerity over the phone or through some pictures the seller sends over.

And when you do, you should ask if it is roadworthy and if it can pass an inspection from the authorities too. Always practice this to avoid having to deal with the authorities should an untested used car gets sold.An inspection might cost a bit of money, but it isn't that much.
Check the car's historyFinally, this last step is to validate what the seller is telling you.
You may have believed them even after viewing and inspecting the car, but it's always best to confirm and check a vehicle's history. For instance, you'll want to have peace of mind that you're not buying a stolen vehicle, or if it has an outstanding loan.
Lastly, you don't want to find out the car you're interested in is an insurance write-off.It doesn't take long to perform these few steps.

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