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Our Free Vehicle Health Check is a comprehensive inspection of your car on a regular basis. Maybe you are a new driver or just have never worried about it before but you may be wondering how often should you check your vehicle’s tire pressure? As a general rule of thumb you should be checking your tire pressure every or every other time you fill up your gas tank and at the very least every month. To check your tire pressure on your vehicle’s tires, you will first need an air gauge which you should then keep somewhere in your vehicle to always have for when you frequently check your tire pressure.
Once you know what tires are in need of a fill up, get your air hose ready and place the hose onto the tire stem.
If you need assistance with checking your tire pressure give us a call at Portsmouth Ford, we would be happy to help or come one in and have one of our service technicians test your tire pressure to ensure that your vehicle’s tires are properly inflated. Now we know that not everyone in the world is an automotive expert, which is perfectly fine. The first thing you want to do when checking your Kia’s engine oil level is make sure that the vehicle is parked on a level ground. After the engine has warmed up a bit, turn the car off once again and let it cool back down for a few minutes (approx. Now once you are under the hood of your vehicle, remove the dipstick located on the engine. There should be two letters on your Kia vehicle’s dipstick, one that says F for full and the other is L for low. If the oil level is at or below the L we suggest you add more oil to the vehicle or bring it in and we can take care of that for you.
It provides for recording, the date, driver’s name, names of employees accompanying the driver, vehicle registration number, trailer registration number, kilometre reading at start and end of duty, distance covered, place started and ended duty, time started and ended work, hours at normal time, overtime hours, as well as the amount of fuel and oil taken on.
Each book has 31 sets of duplicate A5 forms (one for each day of the month) with a perforated tear-out original and a fixed copy. Vehicle Checklist form or truck, trailer checklist form is necessary as safety point of view, vehicles are used for the company works that requirements of the safety are prime concept not only for the company that is also concern to vehicle driver, reason that small mistakes can damage the human body or vehicle part as result fetal injury and financial losses. For the vehicle checklist form having following required points are included in this form, in case of the trucks are kitted with Natural gases that need to incorporate more question. Check the Batteries Condition, Recent inspection notes and check as security point of view condition.
Check driver cabin ate having mobile and portable radio operations, Cleaning, Mirrors & glass, Seal belts, all switches, gauges and wipers.
Check tires and Wheels for Damage tread depth and under inflation, lug notes, wheel inspection.

Check body and compartments – doors and latches, lubricate latches and hinges, grease fittings. Check Tools and equipment, is all are at proper location and stocked, is there power tools, batteries and chargers re working conditions, proper fit. Is there safety equipment – Fire Extinguisher, reflective markers are at place?, all the safety equipment are ready for work at emergency situation? Here we provided ready made format in excel sheet that help to your organization for the individual company used, this is help as safety point of view to your company and save the driver’s personal injury if the regularly maintain the safety precautions. Review your vehicle's smog check Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR), and select the emissions category which your vehicle failed. Why did my car fail the emissions test?Failing the emission test is not a pleasant experience, but it's not the end of the road either. The smog technician who performs the emissions test will give you a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR). The VIR will indicate which of the three harmful emissions (HC, CO, NOx) caused your vehicle to fail the emissions test, as well as include the results of the entire smog check inspection.
The VIR is a common diagnosis tool used by emissions test repair technicians to ascertain where to start their diagnosis. Online VIR Diagnosis - SmogTips can diagnose your vehicle's emissions test results online.If your smog test was conducted at a SmogTips certified emissions test center, this service is free. This health check will inspect all the major systems in your car with a printed version for your own records showing you the level and condition of the main items including tyres, brakes, lights, engine & transmission fluids and also would include any software updates on your vehicle. Weather can affect your tire pressure and it is important to keep the correct air pressure in your tires to help them last longer,  as it also helps your car handle better and safer and helps save you money at the fuel pumps. You will know when you have the air hose nozzle properly applied when the leaking air stops. Some people couldn’t give two cents about the mechanics of their vehicle and how it runs, but there are a few things that everyone needs to know how to do, especially if you’re vehicle starts running a little funky. If it is parked uphill, or downhill, or even on a very small slope it could throw your engine oil level off dramatically. Your engine oil level after removing the dipstick for the second time should be somewhere in between there. If you have any additional questions on how to check your Kia vehicle’s engine oil level, please contact our service department. Monitor fuel usage, distances travelled, driver’s hours and performance, vehicle roadworthiness, and record who drove what, where and when.

The log also allows for up to 17 drops or collections to be recorded alongside odometer readings, customer names, consignment numbers, times arrived and departed, etc.
All the driver needs to do is simply tick off each item, indicating whatever needs attention.
In fact more then likely, once you repair the faults which caused your car, truck, van, SUV, or RV to fail it's emissions test, your vehicle will be running better, more efficiently, and wasting less fuel then before; saving you hundreds in gas dollars. Where you may have not noticed your vehicle is or was not performing at it's best and wasting fuel, failing the emissions test will identify this condition and allow you to fix the problem.
Measured "MEAS" amounts above the state's cut-off, or maximum limits, will cause a failure.
Try to place the gauge evenly onto the valve stem, this will allow air to escape, but once you firmly press the gauge down on the valve stem, it will stop the flow of air and give your gauge a reading, either by blowing out the metered stick with a traditional gauge, or by a reading with a digital model gauge. Some air hoses are automatic and will release air in your tire once you have it on the tire’s valve stem and other hoses have handles and require you to squeeze them to activate the air.
Knowing how to check your Kia vehicle’s engine oil level is Car Basics 101, so allow us to run you through the simple steps really quickly.
Once you have it parked on a level surface, start your car up and let it run idle for a few minutes. Be careful not to touch anything hoses or brackets under the hood as they are all, most likely, still very hot. If you cannot see any letters it means there is too much oil in the engine, which can also damage your motor. If you have not yet performed your car's emissions test, you will not have a VIR to follow, and can use the links below to educate yourself before hand. It is important to NOT over-inflate your tires so have your gauge near you and check the tire’s reading frequently until you have the correct tire pressure reading.
Before exiting the car, pop the hood (we are hoping you know how to do this, if not contact Fred Anderson Kia’s service department ASAP).
Once the dipstick is wiped off insert it back into its slot and let it sit for a few seconds, then pull it back out once again.

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