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Here, even more, there are some jobs that put in the job requirement that you should own a car because there are no other ways to reach it. Of course the public transport infrastructure is very well developed but there are some exceptions and because space is limited here (it is an island afterall) and there aren’t sidewalks on some areas. Even the much controversial Germans cars, like the BMWs, are very cheap as well, for example an E39 525i from 1999 is like 800 pounds.
MOT here is valid on an yearly basis and if you buy a new car, you don’t need MOT only after 3 years. And this sum is valid if you pay it in one chunk, if you want it on a monthly basis, it will be a little under 7000 pounds. We couldn’t import our car insurance history from Romania because in our country, for a stupid reason, the car is the one that gets insured (aka the VIN number) and not the driver.
Took as many different cars to compare and finally we can get some under 1000 pounds per year.

Even more you would guess that the minimum legal would be the cheapest but sometimes the full comprehensive was the cheapest.
The seller gives you the car’s documents, you sign and put your details and he will send them via post and you will get the new documents via mail. If the police checks you and you don’t have any paperwork on you, you have 7 days to bring them so prove that you are the owner. And the last thing to buy, also online (or from any Post Office – Royal Mail Post Office) is the Road Tax. After October 2014 they will discard the psychical disk and put everything online, because they have such a high developed national camera infrastructure, the license plate number contains all the information regarding the car and the owner. After one month of owning the car, she is the perfect choice for now, low maintenance cost, excellent gas mileage, light and nimble and with it we can gather no claim bonus points so that we can have discounts for future cars. The little car is wonderful, nothing broke (God forbid), we made every month an average of 1000 miles !

Just put your license plate number in any online car parts site and you have everything for your car.
We went with it even to Scotland for a week long road trip, where we made over 2000 miles in one go, in town we have a mixed consumption average of 6-7 % (35-40 UK MPG) and on the highway almost 4% ! Offering great value and good traditional customer service makes Berengrave Service Station, located on the Lower Rainham Road of Rainham, Gillingham, Kent and is situated in the Medway area, not too far from Sittingbourne, Rochester, Chatham, Strood or Bredhurst. 22 Pounds for an entire oil and filter change with a 10W40 Semy-synthetic Shell oil with MAN filter.

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