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Access the Honda SuperHawk – Scrambler Restoration and Reference Guide by Bill Silver Now- CLICK HERE!
This Serial Numbers diagram displays the required parts for the Ct90 Trail 1966 K0 Usa Serial Numbers.
First released and exclusive to the USA market in 1964 as the CT200, with the overhead valve iron engine, this concept of trail step through really took off, because they were both cheap to buy, completely reliable, and with an automatic clutch easy to ride. CMS is an independent supplier of spare parts and has no commercial link with Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha or Kawasaki. Bob's Mini wheels – Bekijk hier handige links naar restauratiewebsites en Dax clubs in Belgie. Op deze pagina geven wij een overzicht van allerlei handige links, persoonlijk opgesteld door Bob's Mini wheels, specialist in het restaureren van motorfietsen.
In our first vintage bike service tip article we covered some starting points for restoring vintage bikes.
On a newer motorcycle one can be confident that replacement parts can be sourced fairly easily through a dealer or online seller.
While most vintage bikes are pre-internet age, going online to find parts and information shouldn’t be overlooked.

A thorough carburetor clean is always a good place to start if the engine hasn’t been run for some time.
If you jump the gun and try to run an engine with a dirty carb you may move debris from the float bowl or fuel supply into the small fuel circuits of the carb. Turn the engine over by hand and make sure the engine turns smoothly without any strange noises or resistance.
What parts are totally shot, what can be service or repaired, what parts are hard to come by? While parts diagrams for newer vehicle are often freely available online, old bikes aren’t always so lucky. There are forums, Facebook pages, and enthusiasts sites devoted iconic vintage motorcycles and obscure models alike. Compression and leak down tests for 2 and 4 stroke engines are great to check the engine condition. While the initial investment in a vintage motorcycle may be low they can be expensive to restore and maintain.
Having the parts manual won’t magically make a part from 60 years ago available, but it may make it easier to find by having a part number and official name.

If the bike is old there is a good chance a history of problems and solutions documented online. If your really lucky the parts diagrams will indicate generic sizing for items like bolts, seals, and bearings. Also, sometimes the parts diagram will have exploded views of assemblies that might not be included in the service manual.
Bench test the carburetor by placing it in a position as if it were installed and see if the float bowl fills with fuel and then the float valve closes to prevent excessive fuel from flowing into the engine.
It may be necessary to leave the carb in this condition over several hours to make sure the float valve is sealing correctly.
A new set of tires can make any bike feel better; especially if the old ones are ancient and dry rotted.

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