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In 1910, Pierce Arrow Motor, Buffalo, NY, enters the truck market with 5 tons to chain drive and a cab whose production was not pursued.
In 1914, the Model X 2 tons also appeared during the First World War, the company provides numerous military versions of its truck models while building trucks Liberty Class B. In 1928 the company merged with Studebaker of Indiana and trucks carried the initials Studebaker Pierce Arrow. In 1932, the new company had a brief association with 2 years White Motor Co., to build their trucks.

In 1949 the company built its first fire engine and was one of the first manufacturers to use aluminum in the construction process. Click here for more information on the History, Design and Meaning of Car Logos The logos are registered trademarks. So the company developed a wide range of vehicles: from mini-vans to large pump-pump, rescue vans, water tankers and other aerial ladders with hand trucks.
The choice of such transmission, unusual, was influenced by the engineering research department of the firm, John Younger, who previously worked with Dennis Brothers Ltd, United Kingdom.

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