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Dread to see what the underside would be like given it was laying frame when it was on hydros.But he has killed it with all of his builds.
Check particularly around the struts, dampers, and springs for any modifications needed to be made for fitting the hydro. I remember reading that DW thread when it first appeared.I presume you can still see the rear wing has been rolled. We bought an Audi Q7 in 2013 (actual car below) and we bought this over a Volvo XC90 and Land Rover Discovery. As an everyday car just for me (forsaking the kids and family needs, I’d go for a Maserati GranTurismo S or Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale (below).
Just reading the article about your first car and i think you have the year mistaken as the Mk1 Ford Fiesta was not produced until 1976. Motortorque is the destination for all of the best funny, viral and simply awesome vehicle-related content from around the world. Copyright © My Car Heaven - Beautiful, Cool, Iconic and Desirable Cars, Classic Cars, Supercars and Hypercars. I thought I'd post much of my car history over the last five years, as it has been fairly eclectic.The first car I'll mention is my Audi S3. Still terrible from cold start but the guy I bought it off I think just had it on his drie to use as spares for his oaky.It's been eventful, the drive home the expansion tank cracked.
Aphex said: Looks like you've had plenty of toys I've had a 20vt mk1 but to be honest it was a bit all or nothing and wasn't a very original car, didn't gel with it at all really.
Here's a handful of pics from when the Rambler was brand new and a couple of happy snaps of the family. The '66 American in front belonged to my uncle, who was just starting out as a doctor.
My grandfather had emigrated from Yugoslavia in the 1920s and worked his fingers to the bone doing all sorts of things until he settled in Osborne Park where he was one of the first people to successfully establish a market garden in the area.
Things that stand out to me in this pic are the number plates, they're white on black and a different set to what is still on the car and that I assumed had always been on it. My uncle's first job as a GP was in a small country town in Western Australia called Three Springs.

I am having a hard time with them considered a luxury car,up here they were basic transportation. Wondered where it went when he moved to the caymanim guessing he`s quite well known then lol ? I know a mate who is a peeler in Bangor area and he said he pulled this once and it was amazing with the attention to detail! I would also bee worried about paint rubbing of the inner wing area which could lead to rust Does explain all the issues you had though.
We’ve owned the Lexus since 2006 and had no major mechanical issues at all (touch wood). There’s nothing more satisfying than driving a seemingly run-of-the-mill car, knowing you have serious power underneath your right foot.
They love the stories behind every car and that’s what they try to capture with our films.
Lovely choice.Also, you've been strong to go through most of what's in the beginning of your post. Thanks, I was tempted to buy another E36 M3, but decided I'd had two already so I'd best try something else.
I have recently found out my mum has lung cancer so I'm travelling the long distance home to see her a few times a week.
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I guess my uncle was thankful for all of his hard work and the education that all that hard work enabled him to have.
This is pretty much as I remember him and he didn't change much right through to his 80s when he passed away.
I do know that he married my grandmother (pretty much sight unseen) when he was 33 years old. Why people think it is cool to take a picture of themselves giving the finger is something I will never understand.
When looking back it was a rubbish car, but as a teenager I had freedom, it was liberating to have my own transport.

Recently we had to replace 3 alloys (as they are low profile) and this happened because a suspension arm and the electrics failed. Every owner and every car has been on a journey and the story of that journey is what they share in their films.
Going to take all the inlet side off and give it all a good clean, new temp sender and see where we're at.
Will be checking on those ta going back to small bumpers once pay day rolls around, like to keep things as they were! As I've just moved out and have a couple minute drive to work I bought something a lot thirstier which is drinking the fuel on my way home now. The middle-of-the-road 440 was a pretty high spec compared to most of the Aussie offerings at the time - 232ci six two-barrel, wall-to-wall carpeting and a heater and radio were pretty flash. Cheers for the help and sorry for hijacking To be fair, my old 2.0 16v mk2 with a TSR Snetterton engine producing 190 BHP was the most fun of all my mk2 Golfs, but that might be because I was 22 when I built it and hadn't owned anything nearly as fast before. We also now have a radio button that does not work (o no radio) and pixels on the temperature screen not working. DanielJames said: Great history, 2 of the best BMW E36 colours, a white Mk2 Golf GTi, a blue scooby with gold wheelsyouve had it all!and now a white on white jap motor, you're after my heart Thanks. On a lighter note I'm considering an s3, any in the future, anything bad points that should put me off? Bit of a rolling resto and am really enjoying being back in a mk2.The chap I sold it to said he was going to get it running properly and sell it on, but I guess that didn't really happen. Some months later with the MOT was due, it failed and I was advised the car had to go to the garage in the sky, as their was so much rust underneath the car that they were surprised the car seats had not fallen through. Will be getting a gl hatch sprayed up and put on, and give the outside a blow over as its looking a bit tired.

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