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With contributions from all of the main stakeholders at both an industry and policy level from the US and beyond, this conference will take a comprehensive look at the latest technologies and innovations in the field of The Internet of Things.
Speakers and delegates will explore how both the public and private sectors need to work together to create an environment for increased innovation, investment and economic growth, as well as the emerging key issues that are affecting the sector, including user data protection and security for devices, as well as the additional resources that are required for a fully integrated Internet of Things. The Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence newsletter concisely covers relevant major science and technology breakthroughs (daily or weekly) via e-mail. For over a century Mercedes’s three-pointed star encircled into an orbit masterminds conservatism, reliability, first-class performance and breakthrough engineering.
The first edition of the logo, the word “Mercedes” surrounded by an ellipse, appeared on cars manufactured by Daimler, its predecessor, in 1902.
He created it as the attribute of class and perfection, meaning that three points of the star stood for the Mercedes’s dominance over land, air and sea, as its vehicles run in all the three environments.
In 1926, after the merging of Benz and Daimler, which resulted in the inception of a new german automobile brand – Mercedes-Benz, the actual trademark was finally developed.
Mercedes is a big league producer of most luxury and comfortable vehicles, the car brand of ultimate recognition, development engineering and first-class performance. However, the life journey of the brand started in 1926, when Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft merged with Benz & Cie, thus competition turned into partnership, and the brand of Mercedes-Benz was born. Ferdinand Porsche, who became the engineer of the startup, fully renovated the working program, and last models of Daimler became the basis of the first Mercedes-Benzes. The company’s producing facilities were critically destroyed during World War 2, but soon it managed to recover.
In the beginning of the 1980s, the company enters a new niche — the market of off-highway trucks, with its offroader Gelandewagen, which earned fame for its all-terrain and reliability.
This car manufacturer keeps producing flagship models of cars, tirelessly improving its advanced technology and stylish outside appearance, as “The Best or Nothing” is its slogan. Toyota is one of the largest japanese car companies in the world and the leader in automotive industry. The first emblem that appeared on Toyota cars in 1936 was the last name of the founder, Kiichiro Toyoda, in red letters, embedded into what seemed to be a diamond figure. The emblem is completed with a bigger oval, circling the other two to reflect the world embracing Toyota.
Toyota logo is designed in horizontally symmetrical shape to make it recognizable and invariable when seen both head-on and through rear-view mirrors. Cars bearing this logo have propelled Toyota to commercial success and won millions of loyal customers around the globe. Toyota emblem consists of three horizontally symmetrical ellipses combined in a single configuration to bear the corporate values. The corporate Toyota logo is designed in red color on white background, which is an attractive and eye-catching combination.

Smarter technologies are opening up new horizons in the fight against many of the world’s most pressing challenges. Although the evolution of the logo comprises more than 120 years, most of its life it has been represented by today’s badge — the triangle star, one of most well-known logotypes in the car industry. After a while, the company introduced a new brand logo in 1909 — the glorious star of three points. It is a star of three pikes embosomed with a bordering with laureate wreath and the brand name on it, which still designates Mercedes cars. It is a most long-standing automobile brand, and its journey began in 1886, when Karl Benz manufactured the first gasoline-powered car. In 1973, Mercedes-Benz was subjected to a test, as due to the oil crisis car sales keenly went down. In 1999 another groundbreaking event for Mercedes took place: it bought AMG that had been its official tuning company.
This unrivaled miracle worker rules the world of automobile manufacturing turning the heads of other carmakers and setting the high standard for them.
Stunning photograph of Castle Street and Municipal Buildings In Aberdeen, Scotland, one of the photograph from some photographs, from the article Travel To Aberdeen Scotland – The Offshore Oil Capital.
Its logo is one of the most recognizable global emblems and is associated with exceptional reliability, innovation and great value.
Ten years later it was replaced with the ‘Toyoda’ word, spelled in Japanese, in a red circle.
It only went through minor changes before the launch of a universal ellipse-shaped emblem we all know today. Besides, all of the ellipses are designed with various brush strokes, paying tribute to Japanese calligraphy craft. The two overlapped inner ovals represent connection between the hearts of the customers and the heart of the company as well as mutually trusted relationship between them. This symmetry makes the logo recognizable both from the front and when seen through rear-view mirrors. You were in a real rush this morning to get out the door, but every force in the universe seemed to unite to prevent you from getting to work on time. The emblem was put into a circle with four little stars above the circumscription “Mercedes” on its bordure in 1916.
Since then the logo has experienced insignificant amendments, the bordering of laurel wreath morphed into an unpretentious circle.
The first cars under its name were sold in 1901, and soon the first racing car, Blitzen Benz, was produced. Afterwards, in the 1930s, the company manufactured a 770 model, which was a success among Nazi leaders.

But in response to such a situation the producer succeeded in the designing of the most reliable model series in the history of the brand — W123.
That permitted them to produce luxury modifications of some Mercedes series, and to produce their own racing car — Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR. Introduced to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary, the new logo was intended to bring Toyota a solid image throughout the world. The space between the ovals is meant to symbolize the infinite values, cherished by Toyota. He drew this badge on a postcard, which he mailed to his wife as far back as in 1872, vowing that one day this image would become the symbol of a car giant. However, with the company’s expansion to foreign markets and North America in particular Toyota was looking for a universal logo to consolidate the brand image. Excellent quality, reliability, environmental concern and innovative technologies are among them. So now you're barreling down the road and digging in your bag for the folder you fear you left at home.
Two overlapping ellipses symbolize the hearts of the customers and the company united in respect, trust and partnership. It is crucial to remain calm after an accident; panicking will only make the situation worse. Obviously, if anyone has been significantly injured in the crash, you need to contact emergency services right away. This serves the purpose of ensuring there will be a legal accident report should any issues arise later on. However, you need to resist that urge until you've had a chance to calm down and really assess the situation.
With your heart pumping and mind racing, you may admit liability or fault which you will regret later on once you've had a chance to calm down. But in the heat of the moment, this step often ends up being neglected which can throw a wrench in any insurance claims you attempt to file. It's best to call while you are still at the scene and details are fresh in your mind.
A final word of advice: it would be a good idea to print out a copy of these steps on what to do when involved in an accident and place it in a convenient location in your car. You may also like:The Significance of Registering a Police Report Following a Car AccidentIn many cases, people think that there is not any need to inform to police when they get involved in such accident having minor injuries.

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