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The graceful name of Chevrolet cannot but be attended by an exquisite logotype, such as the austere image of a bow tie, which symbolizes Chevy’s success.
Finally, some say that the national origin of the engineer Louis Chevrolet could also predetermine the styling of the logo.
The true origin of the logo is quite controversial as there are different theories, however, regardless of the true origin of Chevy’s logo, the golden bow tie in a silver bordering embodies the advertency to customers, based on the attractive price of and reliability of Chevy. Today Chevrolet cars are widely recognized as vehicles of the optimal quality-price ratio, they show remarkable performance and reliability at quite a reasonable price. The Chevy history began in 1911, when the toppled creator of General Motors William Durant set his sights on the development of his own car manufacturing company. A decade later, the American customers started to appreciate the affordable and reliable cars of the brand ever more and during the Great Depression Chevy sold more cars than Ford.
Despite producing large and powerful V8 cars, Chevy has recently entered the market of electric cars with a 2010. Nowadays Chevy produces cars of all sizes – from tiny Sparks to enormous upscale roadsters like Suburban, nicknamed “Texan limo” for their 5.6-meter length.
One of the most popular ones says that Durant saw this image on paper hangings in a Parisian hotel. She says that her father was insistently trying to develop the logo, and eventually he contrived this variant at dinner.

He was a Swiss, and Chevy’s slanting bow tie resembles the cross on the colors of Switzerland. No wonder Chevrolet Motor, which is a division of General Motors, is the best selling car brand of the American giant. He had in mind a project of an advanced luxury car, for which he invited Louis Chevrolet, a brilliant automobile engineer and David Buick’s favorite racer. The price of the car turned out to be rather high, especially compared to Ford-T, an absolute best seller at that time, therefore Chevy was our of the competition.
Also, in 1935 the car manufacturer introduced the Suburban Carryall, which gave birth to a whole new class of automobiles – wagon cars.
First introduced in 1953, this remarkable car was the first American sportster and made an absolute hit. Chevy is known around the globe as their manufacturing facilities are placed all over the world: in the USA, South Korea, Brazil, China, Russia and other countries.
The sloping plus sign impressed him so much that he took a scrap of the hangings to show it to the partners, and they chose it as the emblem of a newborn car making company. At the same time, his wife assures that they saw the future emblem in a newspaper’s advertisement in 1912.
This led the company to reconsider their strategy and they decided to switch to producing affordable and simple automobiles instead of fancy cars.

Later on the original car was modified with the new Corvette generations coming to the market. Other than that the producer leans to adapt its models to the specifics of the country it is aimed at. As a result, they came up with the legendary Chevrolet-490, which came off the assembly line shortly. A few years later in 1966, Chevy launched the production of another legendary pony car – the Camaro.
The formula for success of the brand is probably its preeminent adjustability to the requirements of a specific market, whether it is European, Asian or American. This model was so successful that it became Ford’s archrival and finally lent eclat to the carmaker.

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