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Please note that you may get a delayed response from our Membership Services Office between August 6th and August 21st.
Vol 59, No 3 - or the Summer 2016 edition of Steaming Magazine should now be arriving with all our members. We are currently contacting various other organisations, clubs and societies and inviting them to join us in promoting what we hope will become a nationwide and annual spectacle. Please include your membership details with any application and please do not apply on anyone elses behalf. The Engine Database is a listing of all preserved engines and their working and preservation owners put together by the late John Cook former vice chair of the NTET. Please note that this is a very new system and is being developed as we continue to publish more material. If you are not currently a member of the National Traction Engine Trust but wish to view the material currently available, please join us by using the link below.
All the content published in the Members Area are the property of the National Traction Engine Trust and should not be copied and we politely ask that members keep their log in details for their own use. Launched in 2015, this section has grown at a slower pace than was originally planned due to several techinical problems, which are on the long term fix list. To gain entry to this excellent resource, you will first need to be a member of the Trust, and have your membership card at the ready when you log in for the first time and register. In the coming weeks, months and years this valuable collection will be added too and we very much hope that our members enjoy the content provided. Although the weather was very much agaist us the event was deemed a success and several more are currently being planned for members of the National Traction Engine Trust to enjoy.
The scheme has been negotiated by David Smith, Head of our Technical Services Unit and Richard Coffey, Managing Director of Aqam Water Services, who now have sufficient water utility companies on board to proceed with the first phase of a 2 phase scheme. Chairman of the National, Anthony Coulls commented, “We are delighted to be working with the water industry on what I believe is perhaps the most important single positive development for the road steam world in my lifetime. The NTET is aware that there will be plenty of engine owners and crew members who are not members of the Trust who might wish to take part in phase one of the scheme (every person with their hand on the stand pipe will need a CNT Cert.
Further details about the launch of the Scheme about how Phase 2 is to work  will follow in the coming weeks and months.
The National Traction Engine Trust is pleased to announce the date of our 2016 Annual General Meeting as Saturday 19 November.
Following the recent Engine Owners Meeting and the discussion regarding a proposal to close the current experience based scheme for the voluntary Certificate of Competency, The matter was taken to the General Council where it was decided to allow a review to take place of the experience based scheme.
For further information on either routes, and to download additional material please visit our Voluntary Competency Scheme page. To tell the story, we plan to bring together examples of this heritage from all around the country representing the roundabout system of cultivation, the single-engine cable system, the self-moving double-engine cable system, direct ploughing by steam, diesel windlass and motor cable ploughing engines, rotary diggers, diesel conversions …. There will be daily working demonstrations with a wide range of implements, competitive ploughing, miniature steam displays and static exhibits plus engines and tackle to inspect and photograph. And, we are offering Hands-On opportunity to experience driving a ploughing engine and implement under supervision. The Celebration will take place, by kind invitation of the Society of Ploughmen, during World Ploughing 2016, which will incorporate both the 66th British National Ploughing Championships and the 63rd World Ploughing Contest which are being organised by the Society. World Ploughing 2016 will have trade stands, demonstrations of modern farming equipment, vintage displays and demonstrations celebrating Britain’s agricultural heritage, craft exhibits, horse ploughing and a host of other events. The National Traction Engine Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of our new Archivist. Donald Savery of Stratforn upon Avon has agreed to take on this vital position within the Trust and the Chairman, Anthony Coulls, has welcomed him to the team of Trust appointees. While communication has been much improved in recent months, this is one of a couple of things that has slipped through the net for several reasons, all of which are not of any great interest to those now reading this. June is nearly upon us  and with it comes a good number of events that form part of the National Traction Engine Trusts Authorisation scheme.
During the event at Fawley Hill on Friday May 20th, Anthony Coulls Chairman of the National Traction Engine Trust presented Sirr William McAlpine with a copy of Volume Six of our Steam Scene book to mark his 80th Birthday. The totally revised 12th edition of the Traction Engine Register was published in April 2016 and commemorates fifty years since the first edition in 1966. This unique listing of all the known surviving road steam vehicles in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland has been regularly updated since the first edition. The Register, now has 3826 entries, and has been thoroughly revised by over 2000 individual changes resulting from of changes of ownership and additional technical or historical information. The listings include details of 2851 self moving traction engines, steam road rollers and steam wagons, 687 portable engines, 160 steam fire engines and 125 fairground ride and organ engines.

The National Traction Engine Trust has enquired about this situation and we can confirm that all copies are distributed from our printers via Royal Mail at the same time. As a result, although it is appreciated that it is frustrating at times, there is very little we can actually do.
To coincide with the event we are also delighted to announce that a number of engines will be visiting during the day. The National Traction Engine Trust is pleased to announce the creation of a brand new channel on YouTube, that will be developed on a number of levels in the coming years to further enhance the Trusts media profile and create interest in the hobby at large. It is very much hoped that it will take on a life of it’s own in the same way that the NTET Facebook Page has done and be littered with interesting videos of engines going about their work on and off the road. Drafted into the Public Relations department to form the core team who will manage the project are Oliver Moore, Daniel March and Andrew Rothe all of whom are keen to add their own stamp of originality to proceedings. Head of Communications, Matt Shipton commented on the formation of the team, “I am extremely excited at the prospect of the YouTube Channel getting a new lease of life. At this early stage quite a bit of background work needs to be done, but as ever we will keep you posted on progress via the official NTET avenues on the website and social media. The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs is currently running a Historic Vehicle Survey on their website. A number of dates and venues have been set for the National Traction Engine Trust Exhibition Unit to attend during the 2016 season.
With Spring starting to show real signs of sticking around, many people thoughts are turning to the forthcoming event season. We curently have a few spaces left for this year, so if it takes your interest have a quick look at our Driving Course page to find out a little more. The NTET marquee this year at GDSF will host in part The Steam Plough Club's 50th Anniversary. Some assistance in expenses in bringing the models to GDSF and Exhibitors passes would be made available.
Held over the weekend of May 20th - 22nd, Fawley Hill Steam Weekend is an event that is held in very high esteem within the steam world. However like so many other events up and down the country they are always on the look out for helpers who might be interested in acting as Marshals for the event.
As the National Traction Engine Trust continues to forge links with other organisations within the Preservation Scene we are dlighted to be able to offer our supporters an opportunity to get hold of a free DVD from the Canal & River Trust. This offer is only available for a limited time so order today to enjoy exploring our centuries-old waterways and discovering how the Canal & River Trust are working to maintain the 2,000 miles of historic canals and rivers in their care. The National Traction Engine Trust is delighted to be taking part in the Practical Classics Restoration Show, held at NEC Birmingham on 5-6 March 2016. Aimed at those interested in vintage vehicle restoration, the show focuses on projects and techniques, with clubs putting on displays of vehicles before, after and during the restoration process. The Trust will be adding something different to the mix, promoting the road steam hobby and giving a glimpse into the restoration processes which go on in our world. Visitors to the stand will be able to chat to Trust members about the engines, our hobby in general and how the NTET fits into the larger vintage vehicle scene.
World Motoring Heritage Year has been declared during 2016 to mark FIVA’s fiftieth anniversary but more importantly to raise awareness of the enormous heritage value that lies in historic vehicles preserved by thousands of enthusiasts around the world. Drive It Day™- marking World Motoring Heritage Year 2016, will take place on 24 April.
The National Traction Engine Trust is delighted to be able to announce that Jo Hurley has been named as the new General Secretary to the organisation. In welcoming Jo to the General and Executive Councils of the Trust we would also like to thank all those who expressed an interest in the position and of course to Jeffrery Shackell who was the filled the role admirably previously.
We have promised to get it placed online here at the NTET Website, but due to a technical problem we are unable to do so for a couple of days. Due to a family bereavement our Membership Services aficionado Lisa may well be difficult to get hold of in the next week or so.
If you have any questions you feel are urgent and can not wait please contact the PR Office, where we will do all we can to assist.
As previously reported, the National Traction Engine Trust Driver Training Course takes place on May 7th & 8th at Astwood Bank in Worcestershire. As part of the training programe the NTET may award a number of Scholarships to the course each year. The scholarships are open to non-engine owners being members of non-engine owning families, who are members of the NTET. In 2015, the radio station moved back onto the show site into purpose-built studios within the new Control & Operations Centre complex, thus enabling improved communication of show information, and an improved FM signal from a higher aerial mast. GDSF Managing Director, Martin Oliver said “I am delighted that we have been able to once again come to an agreement with Patrick Heeley of Event Radio Associates and the National Traction Engine Trust to enable Steam Fair FM (SFFM) to broadcast at the 2016 GDSF. Matt Shipton of the NTET said “The National Traction Engine Trust is delighted once again to be able to support Steam Fair FM for the 2016 event.
The next Engine Owners, Drivers and Crew Meeting will be held at the The Village Hall, Kilsby, near Rugby, Warwickshire. All engine owners, crew and other interested parties are invited to attend whether members of the Trust or not.

The 2016 National Traction Engine Trust schedule of meetings and conferences has been provisionally set and are listed below for your general information. The NTET is awarding Scholarships to the NTET Driver Training Course which is held in May each year.
The scholarships are open to non-engine owners being members of non-engine owning families, who are members of the NTET or the Steam Apprentice Club. NOTE: The Scholarships only cover the Course Fees, NOT incidental Expenses such as travelling, accommodation and food. Name, age, previous experience with steam engines, how you became interested, in traction engines, and any other information that you consider to be relevant to support your application. With the decks cleared and festivities now just a few days away, the membership office will be officially closed until the New Year so anything sent between now then may take a few extra days to process. Don't let that put you off though - the National Traction Engine Trust welcomes new members, old members rejoining and everything in-between. Our rally authorisation team are hard at work compiling the 2016 National Traction Engine Trust Rally List which is distributed far and wide at the beginning of every rally season.
It is with great sadness that the National Traction Engine Trust has to announce that Hamish 0rr-Ewing died on 17th November 2015 peacefully at home.
Hamish was one of the orinators of the steam preservation movement and was highly regarded by many as a true gent. Could we please ask that you are patient as there may be a slight delay while we plough through our inboxes. Unfortunately it has been blighted by technical difficulties which has prevented it being updated as often as possible. We still add content as often as we can however and there is certainly plenty of exclusive material to sink your teethy into already. Any engine crew taking water from a hydrant over the last three decades will have done so with one eye over their shoulder for the water authority. We have plenty of quality exhibits lined up for presentation both inside and outside the marquee, which we will be announcing as the event draws closer. It is an invaluable aid to anyone with an interest in road steam engines providing an accurate and authoritive listing of the known survivors. If members continue to experience problems it would be appreciated if you kept us informed.
We would like to have on static display in the marquee models of ploughing engines and equipment as part of the general display.
It has long been an ambition of FIVA, and its member national federations, to gain recognition for the heritage value of historic vehicles and marking World Motoring Heritage Year through events held around the globe will be a powerful demonstration of the breadth and depth of enthusiasm for our mobile heritage.
We politely ask that any correspondence to the Membership Office be limited until Saturday February 6th, where upon it is hoped normal service will be resumed. The ongoing partnership with the show and NTET will ensure that we have access to the very best show and exhibit news, interviews, reviews and all the information about what’s happening.
The partnership agreement between the three organisations worked very well in 2015 and I would like to thank Patrick and the NTET for their continued support into this year.
Our involvement in 2015 took a few people by surprise, but it proved an ideal opportunity for the National to get our various messages out to a wider audience.
We are delighted to confirm we have a fully restored engine and some component parts of another engine that will generate huge interest at the event. We will keep you posted on each event on an individual basis as and when further details are available. The Scholarship covers the course fees for one year, NOT incidental expenses such as travelling, accommodation and food. Technical details include the registration and engine numbers, names, engine type and present location. Ten extra pages have been required include the new entries and over a thousand informative notes. The FM service, and full programming, will then commence on Monday 22nd, as the show gates open to admit exhibitors, traders and prepaid public campers. Up to the minute traffic news and weather reports will continue to be a priority, and we’ll be welcoming listener dedications, and playing the greatest Vintage Hits all day and night! We are very much looking forward to building on what we achieved last year and engaging further with visitors, exhibitors and casual listeners alike. There is an index on the right of the screen which you can use to search the archive by either collection or year.
Virtually all of the new entries are as a result of imports or repatriations of British built engines that had been operated abroad or are imports of American built engines. The station will broadcast 24 hours a day through to the last show day, and will continue until lunchtime on Tuesday 30thAugust to provide traffic and travel information for those leaving the site.
Plans are already well advanced for our Marquee presentation and with a number of other initiatives being talked over behind the scenes, 2016 will be an exciting one for the National Traction Engine Trust and Steam Fair FM, along with the Great Dorset Steam Fair, it is an ideal resource in our various communication channels.

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