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Secondlife Aanmelden 3D World Ultimatesudoku Win een draft Win een X-Box Win een I-Pod Nano Games Fastloading Win een Playstation 3 Gamewallpaper of the Day Game Wallpaper Of The Day ! GoedBegin - Privacybeleid - Eigen startpagina maken - da: 60.00 - Uw website op deze pagina?
Visit my channel homepage and click the TubeList link, which is listed in the "About Me" section. To subscribe to this blog, click on the feed reader you use (RSS, Feedly, My Yahoo!, My MSN, or Bloglines) in the box at left. Aug 13, 2016Solutions Added for Printable Bible Word SearchesBy popular demand, I've added solution pages for the free printable Bible word searches. From memory tips and free brain games to true stories of memory problems submitted by real visitors, I'm continually adding cool and useful content. On my site you'll find free printable word searches in a number of categories, including Bible word searches.Previously, though, I didn't have answer pages for the Bible word searches, which a few people found inconvenient. This was especially true for those who publish my word searches in magazines, newsletters, or church bulletins (a free practice, which I allow).

Publications are often expected to provide the answers in the next issue.Well, this should now be less of a problem.
To view the list of answer pages, simply scroll down the Bible word searches page to the new "Solutions" section. Watch the second hand of this clock move around the clock face for five minutes for a concentration boost!Watching a clock is boring, but that's the genius of it. It may be based on a cartoon character, but wow does it test your concentration and reaction time.Guide Spongebob through a vertical obstacle course.
Buy upgrades like bigger springs and rockets.This game is a lot like Doodle Jump and is quite fun. Just go to the game page and start playing.Click the link below to visit the new game page, and give this game a try.Continue reading "Spongebob Jump!
Then practice listening carefully during every conversation.Listening is an art and a skill. It's hard to listen and understand their point of view.Practicing the skill of listening trains your brain to concentrate more deeply, especially during social interactions.

Use mental images when memorizing the foreign vocabulary.Here's a quick example to show you how this works. Suppose you're learning Spanish, and you want to memorize "el arroz", the Spanish word for rice.To use this trick, first think about the sound of the foreign word. Does it remind you of anything in English?Most people studying Spanish would agree that "arroz" sounds like "a rose". To memorize that arroz is rice, all you need to do next is think of a crazy mental image that links the two concepts, rice and rose. Here's an infographic that illustrates this link:As you can see, I've created a silly image that connects a rose to a bowl of rice. Then to recall the word for rice, think "rice" and the silly image should pop into your mind.In your mind's eye, you'll see the rose, which should remind you of arroz, in the middle of the bowl of rice.

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