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KIA has "the power to surprise" so don't miss the chance to secure yourself one of the great vehicles on offer in the KIA range. Our KIA team are happy to arrange delivery anywhere in Australia and we also have a strong team of experienced Business managers who will assist with all your financial requirements whether business or private.
We at our dealership thank you for your interest and take great care in ensuring all your needs are cared for and all questions answered.

We offer the security and financial stability of the only 7 year unlimited warranty system in Australia, capped price servicing for 7 years as well as roadside assistance for 7 years. Let one of our friendly Business Managers or sales team guide you into a new driving experience with KIA that can accommodate for whatever lifestyle you wish. Our team wishes to ensure that your time under our care is an experience like no other and then you too will learn to "Love Your Car".

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