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I have a lot of people that have e-mailed me and also sent me PM's to get a copy of my VIF form for their detailing business.
I obtained the original version of this form years ago from my long-time friend and professional detailer, Lenny House. On this page you can edit the words Package 1, Package 2 and Package 3 with whatever terms you prefer, for example, Bronze, Silver, Gold.
The two tables for information on products, pads, and tools you use can simply be deleted if you don't want to get that deep with your customers. Quality products, pads and tools all have a cost associated with them that you have to build into your hourly rate. The below is the section that spells out the agreement for services rendered and the customer's signature of approval to do the work. At the very bottom of this page is a call-out box asking for referrals to grow your business. At this point in the form you can choose to only print out the above when selecting how many pages to print from your printer options.
The below information shares with your customer, or potential customer some more very basic information to you and I but more than likely some information that is new to most non-detailers. For the majority of your customers, you should only be doing a one-step procedure to the paint after normal washing and decontaminating. I highly recommend setting your best customers up on a maintenance program and by doing this you can simply bill them monthly. For those customers that do not want you to regularly wash and maintain their cars, sharing my how-to book with them will at a minimum provide them with all the information they will need to maintain your hard work.

Again, to remove this portion, simply open this file up in MS Word and delete any and all portions you don't want to use, safe the file and print out your custom forms as you need them. So thank you for being patient if you've been waiting for this form but I assure you the wait is worth it as you have some of the best detailers in the world working to create a very much needed form in our industry.
If you have suggestions for improvements, please post them to this thread, if they are used I will add you to the list of contributing detailers above.
If you want a copy of this form, reply to this thread with your e-mail, send me a PM or send me an e-mail and I'm happy to share it with you. Improve customer satisfaction and generate additional work with a multi-point inspection form imprinted with your company information. Improve customer satisfaction and generate additional work with your custom printed multi-point inspection form. Often there isn’t one obvious way to tell that the car is a basket case, but rather, several little things that, when taken together, become revealing. Access your saved cars on any device.Receive Price Alert emails when price changes, new offers become available or a vehicle is sold.
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This form is vitally important and if you're detailing cars for money, either part-time, full-time or as a hobby then you should not touch the car until this form is filled out and signed by your customer. I expect and encourage all our forum members to get a copy, use it and if you find a way to improve it for the benefit of all of us then your improvements will be added and the official form updated.

Our FREE Vehicle Inspection Checklist and Rating System aims to help you, the buyer, eyeball the car completely, so you can do a thorough inspection. I've also asked for input from my good friends and professional detailers, Renny Doyle, Joe Fernandez and Robert DiTerlizzi. I do use one similar to it but the collaboration of detailing professionals on this form is going to make this a very powerful business tool.
Turn your engine off for stops over a minute long.Use cruise controlMaintaining a steady speed can increase fuel economy by 10%. Rolling them up can increase fuel economy by 10%!Wondering about those "MPGs" on the above form?Because routine vehicle maintenance is one of the best ways to boost fuel economy, your Subaru Dealer created the "MPG ? Items with "MPG" marks next to them on the reverse side of this form have a real impact on gas mileage. Here's why they make such a difference:Tire PressureProperly inflated tires are safer, last longer, and can improve mileage by 3%. Replacing a dirty air filter can improve mpg by as much as 10%.Spark PlugsA misfiring spark plug can cut fuel efficiency by as much as 30%.
Replacing spark plugs according to owner's manual recommendations will help maintain maximum mpg.Engine DiagnosticsA "Check Engine" light can signal a number of problems that impact fuel economy. Diagnosing and repairing a faulty oxygen sensor alone can improve mpg by up to 40%.AlignmentImproper alignment reduces gas mileage because it takes more energy (gas) to keep your vehicle riding straight down the road.

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