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Cutting the speed limit from 30 mph to 20 mph on the wrong roads can increase CO2 emissions by more than 10% with the result that well-intentioned safety schemes may backfire in environmental terms. Speed humps - popular with residents wanting to slow traffic in their street - pump up fuel consumption by 47% when installed on 30 mph roads. Transport and highways planners have little or no official guidance on the environmental impact of 20 mph speed limits. In the past the Green Party advocated 20 mph limits across the whole of London, perhaps without realising that this policy would backfire in terms of environmental emissions.
It is important to ascertain both the safety and environmental implications of 20 mph zones. The AA's fuel consumption tests were carried out at Millbrook proving ground by an independent engineer and car tester, using a fuel flow meter.

In 2000, the then Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions argued against reducing the 30 mph limit for fear of increasing emissions. L’ete de Capital se poursuit chaque dimanche sur M6 permettant de combler les attentes des inconditionnels et de roder le nouveau presentateur Bastien Cadeac. Cette annee 2016 aura vu une forte communication autour des voyages en car en raison du prix reduit. Enfin, Capital a choisi de s’attarder sur la voiture en zoomant sur les fameux outils de navigation assistee.
Bastien Cadeac proposera un nouveau numero du magazine ce dimanche 31 juillet a 20h55 sur M6. Compared to a 20 mph road, speed humps along a 30 mph road increase fuel consumption by 41%.

It would be ironic if local authorities that have targeted owners of larger vehicles with environmental charges, are found guilty of increasing CO2 emissions through indiscriminate use of 20 mph restrictions.
Tout comme les produits vendus lors du vol dans l’avion, ces magasins detaxes regorgent-ils vraiment de bonnes affaires ? Des GPS a installer dans sa voiture comme Tom Tom, Wikango ou Coyote en passant par les simples applications comme Waze, une enquete sera proposee au c?ur du systeme pour decrypter ces outils et leur economie. Le magazine de M6 va tenter d’en savoir plus autour de ce business ou les produits de luxe, l’alcool et la cigarette sont rois.

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