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Windows Phone marketplace is starting to get applications alongside the its iOS and Android counterparts.
It is one of the leading cab services in Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore with Hyderabad joining the list soon.
Ola Cabs is one of the leading cab services pan India with services across all the major cities in India.
Google continues to integrate third-party apps on its search pages, in an effort to make it user-friendly.
The wait for Android users is finally over as Prisma has gone official on the Google Play store. New 2.0 turbo adds a stronger pulse to the sporty compactHeart transplants are a big deal, even among today's medical marvels.
High points from the biennial Delhi motor show include a well set-up SUV that now has an ambitious auto option.Mahindra could soon become a much bigger player in Australia's medium SUV market. The most awaited iOS 9 is introduced at WWDC 2015, all the updates and news related to iOS 9 are updated below. In addition, iOS 9 features having strong link with spotlight searches, which allows you to access content within apps if you do system wide search without any app open. Apple tells these new features are anonymous and happens on the device, nothing is sent to a server. Spotlight includes a new section which bubbles up relevant nearby locations and contact details.
The rest is history.  Although failing to spoil Fords’ Moffat Dealer Team 1-2 party at Bathurst that year, the A9X went on to become the most successful , ever built by Holden. Two of the leading cab services in the country, Ola Cabs and TaxiForSure have just launched their applications for Windows Phone devices. The application for Windows Phone gives you confirmation regarding the booking instantly and you can track your can too. He is a total tech junkie and likes to lay his hands on the latest gadgets as soon as possible.
As we all expected and waiting for iOS 9, Apple has just announced the latest version of its operating system at WWDC 2015.

Such as photo lookups, reminders including when you get in and out of your car, contextual reminders about current app content.
Spotlight Search also has an API so third-party apps can blend with the Spotlight view, to find content inside third-party apps. This will bring together stories from many sources, in a bright and interactive user interface.
This shows users more clearly when they have Shift key turned on or off, before a frequent complaint on iOS 7 and iOS 8 now it solve.
It gives you traffic alerts too and gives you a real-time estimation through its integration with the traffic alerts. As good as it is, the turbo loses a little on fuel efficiency against European rivals, among them the astonishingly successful Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4.Put that down to weight.
We managed to get into the 4x4 Daily, a crew-cab version that had just gone through some tough testing by the Victorian CFA.Pricing depends on the specification but as tested ours was in the $85,000 ballpark. If you are in a message conversation, saying ‘Remind me about this’ understands the current context and adds a link to the message conversation as part of the Reminder. Many new apps can be affixed to the side with a ‘slideover’ mini-app. Apps on the side remain docked as you switch between apps on the left screen.
You can subscribe to many different feeds including some built in an ‘Apple News’ format which offers rich typography, fun animations and fluid layouts. Apple Pay will also be coming internationally, with support for Apple Pay in the UK in July.
A low power mode turns some features off to enable users to get an additional 3 hours of battery out of their devices. At 1620kg-plus it is lardier than the newer competition.Clawing back ground on price, the IS200t starts at $57,500 in Luxury guise. Transit for iOS 9 will start off in Berlin, China, Chicago, London, Mexico City, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington.
The company has a premium service available as well under which you can book luxury cars such as Audi, BMW and Jaguar but it is not available through the application. Be sure to check out some exclusive in-app offers as well. Windows Phone as a choice of operating system is fast gaining popularity and it only made sense that one of the major cab operators in the country joined the wagon.

That makes it dearer than the outgoing car — as well as more expensive than the entry models of its rival brands.The 200t doesn't play at the entry level, though. The only problem is that the aggressive tread of the tyres — which help it move easily through mud — generate quite a howl on smooth tarmac.The Daily 4x4 might be based on a regular load-hauling van but this version is a serious off-road weapon. The great content will be added from all sources: ‘local newspapers, blogs or special interest publication are all welcome’. Its continuous 4WD set-up sends 32 per cent of power to the front and 68 per cent to the rear.It has the ability to lock the front, centre and rear differentials and there are not one but two low-range gear sets.
There's a lot of head and legroom but the rear pop-up seats are really for juniors and if they're in the up position there's next to no cargo space.The new Mahindra XUV500 gets a black leather-trimmed interior with an all-plastic dash. Fit and finish have been improved and the touchscreen's many functions work a treat.Mahindra builds seven variants of the XUV500. We'll revisit that during a full road test.The suspension is an example of how the Japanese can get the job done.
You can also order an automated manual transmission.If the family is keen, you can take them all along thanks to the six seats in the crew cab version.
Australia currently gets the second-from-top W8 models but the top W10 version is also a possible import.The manual models are still priced at $29,900 drive-away for the 2WD and $32,900 for the AWD. In normal mode it rolls over most obstacles — flick the drive selector to sport and it squats and squirts through the turns.
Pricing for the auto versions has not been finalised but Mahindra says they'll be "under $35,000", which would make them about the best value in class in terms of standard equipment and an attractive proposition.How do you think the new XUV500 measures up in the competitive midsize SUV market?
The 4x4's interior continues the existing Daily's plain and practical home.Little luxuries include power mirrors, trip computer and, to make life easier, climate control aircon and cruise control.

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