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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The Ford Atlas Concept is designed to show new technologies the automaker is developing for use in its pickup truck products. The Atlas Concept features a mix of technologies designed to enhance fuel economy and the vehicle’s overall functionality. The next-generation EcoBoost engine uses gasoline direct injection and turbocharging to improve fuel efficiency by up to 20% and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 15% when compared with larger displacement engines, Ford said. Beyond the next-gen EcoBoost engine, the Atlas features a number of other technologies designed to enhance fuel efficiency. The truck’s interior features lightweight seating in leather that provide added legroom for rear-seat passengers and storage for small items. The Atlas Concept shows other features designed to improve a pickup’s functionality as a work truck.

In the back of the truck, the tailgate can act as a cargo cradle by lifting and holding extra-long items above the truck, which frees up space in the bed. To improve backing safety, Ford has created a new feature called Backup Assist, which allows a driver to back a trailer automatically. Starting with fuel economy, the Atlas Concept features a next-generation EcoBoost powertrain that integrates auto-start-stop functionality designed to work in a pickup truck.
Ford added multiple tie-down points to the cargo box and load floor, and installed 110-volt electrical outlets in the cargo box for charging power tools.
The truck also features a new 360-degree camera, which gives a driver a bird’s eye view of the truck in order to help him or her position the vehicle. The system in the Atlas Concept shuts off the engine when the truck is stopped on the road but can detect when the vehicle is towing so it can turn the feature off.
Ford said that when combined, these features can save more than 2 mpg on the highway without affecting towing or hauling capabilities.

The truck also features an integrated roof carrying system and hidden extendable (and removable) ramps that stow below the cargo box. TAX EXEMPT AND LOW EMISSIONS EXEMPTRUNS AND DRIVES OKCALL ME IF YOU WANT ANY INFO - 07943 955586THE THINGS THAT NEED FINISHING OFF ARE:- NEEDS ROOF LINING.

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