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Using the osciloscope you can see the wave forms from the Vin, the output of the diode, and finally the output odf the diode using a Avg sampling, im not sure if this waveform is enough to power a microcontroler using 3.3v im thinking about increasing the Cap value, and see how it modifies the rize, however, my main concern here is, how can i justify to do this instead of a full wave rectifier?, and also how can i make sure i will get the steady, 3.3v with as little noise as possible?
No problem as long as the circuit meets needs of the load with regards to voltage and current. Simply put: with a bridge rectifier you need half the filtering capacity at constant ripple. To power the microprocessor, you need to install a regulator between the filter capacitor and the microcprocessor circuit.
You can put a bigger capacitor in if you need to, if the voltage to the microcontroller drops too low, then you need a bigger cap. Powering a microcontroller with a half wave rectifier seems a bit unusual to me, since a very constant voltage should be used. I think the common way to get a constant supply voltage is to use a linear or switching voltage stabiliser (for the desired voltage of 3.3V DC).
You don't have to worry about stabilising the rectified 9V AC to 3.3V DC since the stabiliser does that for you. You don't need to have a very high capacitance since the stabiliser usually only needs 1V or 2V more than its rated output voltage. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged rectifier wave or ask your own question.

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We're sorry, but the item you're trying to add to your cart cannot be added, because it is not compatible with other items in your cart. The rise is from the fast charging of the capacitor, and the fall is caused by the drain current from resistor R. However, as you are using a 9V AC voltage source with a half wave rectifier the output voltage of the rectifier should be more than enough to be used as a supply (as I can see in your pictures, the output voltage is about 12V).
Nevertheless the capacitor after the rectifier is necessary, because otherwise you will get points in time where there is no output voltage at all.
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I suspect that the small rapid fall in the capacitor voltage is caused by non-ideal behaviour of the capacitor (perhaps it is an electrolytic capacity with significant internal serial inductance).

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