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Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. I have checked fuel pressure and volume, and placed my fuel guage under the wiper arm and went for many road tests, but never seen a glinch or pressure drop or fluctuation on the guage.
Darn the luck, didnt fix the issue either, I replace the main relay with a new one, took the vehicle for a road test, and same issue, that ANNOYING hick still there. Have replaced coil pack and cleaned bolts, changed sprk plugs, and plug wires, rear o2 sensor shorted, replaced tps, an cleaned throtle body.
I also just figured, once the pump was hot, or even possibly impeeler spinning on the pump shaft, I couldnt understand how it could correct itselfthat quick and continue to drive normal. Then I returned and placed a wee bit of solder on each terminal of the relay, thinking possibly it may be a week connection in the distribution box.

I would imagine a misfire that happens allot would throw up a code eventuallyhave you used your scan tool to monitor the 02 sensors to see if they show any changes when this miss happens?
Called the dealer order a new mass air flow for$427.66 , installed it, took for a road test and excate same problem. Now for the main relay, are you thinking the ignition relay that is located up in the left upper corner or the dash along side the ecm? Usually what happens when the fuel pumps overheat is they begin to draw more amperage and the speed of the impeller lowers. It is not uncommon for the relays used in that generation rio to loose internal connectivity intermittently and since that relay sends power to the ECM and sensors I would begin there.Another suggestion would be to check fuel pump output while driving the vehicle.
Sometimes turn a corner and having fuel slosh over it will provide cooling and allow it to spin back up to speed.

But we are not concerned with fuel pressure at the moment just wanted to offer some insight to you.The relay I speak of is in the under hood fuse box.
Now every once in a while it hesitates from a stop, then takes off and ready to be shifted.

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