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Working with the budget and time you have available for travelling to Botswana is a good place to start. Another factor that will have an impact on your budget it the type of safari you decide on - camping trips are mostly cheaper than accommodated tours. The Chobe region is the prime game viewing destination in Botswana, offering one of the best traditional wildlife safari experiences in the world.
The pristine Okavango Delta is the top wilderness destination in Botswana, home to diverse wildlife and bird species.
Best visited in winter, when lodges and camps are accessible, malaria risk is lower and temperatures are cooler. Best time to visit Makgadikgadi Pan for some game and bird spotting is December to April, in the wet season. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is the second biggest game reserve in the world, covering a vast region of ancient desert lands. Once you've booked your safari you will want to draw up your check-list of things to do before you go.
If you're travelling on a passport as a citizen of South Africa, United Kingdom or United States you do NOT need a visa for Botswana. In terms of passports you will need a passport valid for at least six months and it must have three or more unused pages in it. When you buy your air tickets to the starting point and from the ending point of your safari be sure to check what time the safari starts and ends. Booking your flights a few days in advance of your safari and a few days after it ends gives you time to explore the starting and ending point destinations.
If you have medical aid then first speak to your provider and find out what cover they can offer you. Depending on your planned destinations you may need other vaccinations and certain routine vaccinations are advised. You will need to start taking anti-malaria pills before departing on your safari and continue taking them during and after your trip.
An important factor in preventing malaria is to avoid being bitten, so take mosquito repellent, cover up with long sleeves at dusk and dawn and use mosquito netting on tents and at lodges. If your safari requires a Local Payment then this amount will be payable on arrival in the currency stipulated. To search our tours by destination, duration and type simply fill in the search criteria and our website will filter your results.
Passionate about Africa's untamed places and wildlife, Landia is an adventure-loving native South African. One of the best things about most African Safaris is that they help to support the game parks and wildlife projects visited on the tours, as well as staying at environmentally friendly camps and lodges. Take a look at the Top 10 Places to See Elephants in Africa. National parks and game reserves in Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and South Africa that are famous for their elephants! Our news updates will cover destination information, great travel deals, awesome products and emerging products, and all things pertaining to travel in Africa & the Indian Ocean Islands.
However literally on every street corner one will find buskers selling all sorts of wares, and this is particularly where you can pick up sports related items or memorabilia, should you are visiting South Africa for sport whether it be rugby cricket or football.
Vat in South Africa is 14% and is added to all goods, excluding items purchased at flea markets.

The Malls will all have banking facilities, foreign exchange, a pharmacy, and most have cinemas, optomotrists, hair and beauty salons. Located within the north west suburbs of Johannesburg, with around 240 stores, restaurants and fast food outlets. The suburb of Fourways sits on the fringe of Sandton and is in itself a affluent suburb of Johannesburg. Conveniently located south of Johannesburg, off of the N12 highway, this modern mall offers both specialist brand shops and national retailers, as well as cinemas and an open air terrace where numerous restaurants surround a fountain garden.
The oldest retail centre in Johannesburg, established in 1961, this is one of the city’s little gems as far as relaxed yet stylish retail therapy is concerned. Within the Rosebank Mall, the African Craft Market is a great place to pick up quality curios and crafts to take home with you.
Sandton is a must on any tourists’ itinerary, not just for the shopping, but the 6 metre high statue of Nelson Mandela in the Nelson Mandela Square (at Sandton City) is a tourist attraction in its own right. At one end of the Square is the Old Mutual Theatre, which seats 200, and has held countless theatrical productions.
One of the largest in South Africa, known for its abundance of furniture stores, the Mall is close to SOWETO and serves the residents of one of South Africa’s largest townships, described as well-heeled from suburbia meets with trendy from the townships. Established in 1960, Artists Under the Sun has been showcasing a variety of art and styles in South Africa for over 50 years.
One of the smaller markets, but the intimacy is pleasant, with the emphasis on quality hand crafted goods, unique art and photography, clothing made from natural fibres, a deli filled with rich, wholesome foods and fresh organic and naturally grown produce. You can search for tours with us according to price range and duration, from a few days in Botswana to about two months across Southern and East Africa, including Botswana. For the zebra migration in Savute and Linyanti the best times are November to December and February to March. Sometimes you need to arrive the day before the trip and book departure flights for the day after the safari ends. The cities and surrounding areas are often worth visiting, especially in cases such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Victoria Falls, Livingstone and others. Most tours include pick-up and drop-off at the International Airport where your tour starts and ends. Only medical cover is required, but full cover (comprehensive travel insurance) is highly recommended to cover for more eventualities. Some of the anti-malaria medication includes side effects such as sensitivity to the sun, which is not ideal for a safari. Often the local payment is made in US dollars, but check beforehand and exchange your money at a bank or currency exchange bureau like Travelex. Capturing the spirit of Africa is a way of life for this dedicated travel writer and photographer!
When in the city, one can feel the frenetic pace of South Africa’s forerunning city with regards to business, retail and enterprise. Not only are the shopping malls world class, but the variety and size can be quite staggering. There is also a Nu Metro cinema complex  and kids play area with jungle gym within the piazza.
The centre is 10 years old and covers 47 000 square metres of floor space on 3 levels, with approximately 95 shops. Within one of Johannesburg's more prestigious suburbs, the mall has over 170 stores, the mall also offers Adventure Golf for the budding golfer and the Engenius Academy for kids, as well as a cinema complex.

This is not an exceptionally large mall, but quality and understated elegance makes this mall an attractive shopping experience.
Montecasino has a 15 cinema Nu Metro complex, the Magic Company is a bright and exciting venue for young children, Ten Pin Bowling, an open air Piazza that has six restaurants and a theatre, with South Africa's biggest musical fountain at its centre. These two world class lifestyle experiences are certainly the heart of Johannesburg’s shopping tourism mecca, surrounded by a range of hotels. A quirky addition to this theatre is the hour long entertainment for corporates during midday lunch hour rush, whether it be comic relief or a musical. Chock-full of retail options on 2 levels at 109 000 square metres of lettable space and retail stores, with over 4000 parking bays. This quality food market is a wonderful opportunity to sample some of the best gourmet cuisine and delicacies in South Africa. The Photosynthesis Tea Garden is great, Cami's Pancakes, The Coffee Bean Gelateria, and more. Alternatively your pre or post tour accommodation will be able to arrange airport transfers for you. Additionally, most medial aids require that you pay for incidents first and only claim later. In South Africa there are numerous places that you can go for the shot, including the yellow fever vaccination clinics on NetGlobers. If you are already taking medication for other conditions then it is especially important to research which malaria drugs to take, as some should not be taken in conjunction with particular medications. Based in Green Point overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, in her spare time Landia can be found sea kayaking, walking in nature, horse riding and exploring the beautiful city of Cape Town and beyond. You need to have your receipts stamped by a customs official before proceeding to Vat reclaim.
Fourways Crossing literally lies adjacent to Fourways Mall (see below) and is also in close proximity to Montecasino.
The piazza is almost the size of a rugby field and is styled around an Italian piazza that promotes alfresco dining.
The market is a celebration of Africa's entrepreneurial spirit, with an exquisite collection of superior African crafts, from African masks, clothing, ceramics, beaded dolls and jewellery to hand crafted home ware and interior decor items.
Listen to live music whilst you browse the stalls, and be tempted by freshly prepared cakes and muffins, Italian coffee and herb teas.
It is best to arrange and confirm airport transfers in advance, to ensure stress-free travel and avoid unnecessary transfer expenses. The Oriental Plaza attracts around 1 million visitors every month and most of the products are locally made. You really will find some beautifully hand crafted original pieces at this long standing market. If you want to play video or music files in just about any format, VLC media player is probably your answer. VLC media player is the most stable, flexible and lightweight audio and video player around.Update Windows Media Player - Windows Help. To do so, click Organize, point to Layout, and then select Show menu bar.Articles vlc update.

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