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Jeux agario - jouer aux meilleurs jeux de agario gratuit - Jouez a tous les jeux agario gratuits sur jeux de agario. Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. I think replacing the PCV valve should be easy, its just hiding amoungst all those coil packs. I just did mine on the same year and engine as you and it took less than 45 seconds from start to finish! Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. That is the part I bought, but it is not the part mounted where the part is indicated in the previous drawing of the engine. It looks like the diagram is wrong and I am going to turn you over to a different expert who will have the right diagram. Hello and welcome to JustAnswer! The crank sensor mounts down into the bellhousing and runs off a tone wheel on the flexplate bolted to the back of the engine. If I am reading the drawing correctly, it is on the firewall side of the bell housing, but on the top half of the bell housing.

It's located on the bank 1 (passenger side) valve cover between the fuel rail and the battery. Chrysler told me the sensor is mounted on the bell housing on the firewall side of the engine.
Let me relist it and see if someone has the answer you need, dont respond back to me as it locks the question to me. If you look at the engine from the left fender, the crank sensor mounts at about the 2:00 position. If you reach down there and feel the bracket, just forward of that, towards the radiator, you will feel the sensor mounted to the trans very near the engine block. There are no coolant lines that pass from the radiator side of the engine to the firewall side of the engine. It has the one single 3 way connector with a red lock tab that has to slide before you can unplug it, and a single 10mm bolt holds the sensor to the bellhousing. There is a bracket that holds the wiring harness to the bell housing and a bolt holding the bracket to the bell housing and I see a treaded hole a few inches to the right of the bracket in the bell housing.
Look back there with a flashlight or drop light and you will see a mount plate that bolts to the top of the trans in the rear (this mount attaches the trans to the aluminum subframe). In very close proximity to the sensor you will also find a coolant tube that mounts with a 10mm bolt and then passes behind the engine.

There is the radiator hose tha tgoes from the thermostat housing to the radiator and a heater hose that runs from the back end of the thermostat mount to the heater.
As you can see in the link you sent, there is nothing on this part to keep oil from coming out where it goes through the block.
Unless you know pretty exactly where to look it's not going to be that easy to see the sensor itself. The mounting bolt looks like it goes through the sensor with the connector coming off the side at a slight angle.
I can relist the question if you would like a second opinion.Customer: Should I take the part out from the engine and bring it to the dealer? The part number the dealer gave me on the phone for the part looks exactly like the part I bought from the local parts house when I searched online for Chrysler's part number. The part I bought does not have any O ring seal provision and does not look like it is meant to go through the engine block. It looks more like it is meant to mount on the bell housing and read the info from the flywheel there.

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