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I’m pretty sure that their prices are more than double that of their competition (Vistaprint specifically).
I should mention that Chase themselves, when I complained about the issue, responded to my online inquiry in 10 minutes and provided a refund no questions asked. Their logo says Deluxe Corp, but the footer of their website says Deluxe Enterprise Operations, Inc.
From start to finish, my order took over 30 minutes to complete, only about 3 of which was me looking for that globe logo.
The part to select a monogram isn’t too bad, but selecting a symbol is another morass of difficult navigation. Then it’s more of the same if you want to add a message to your checks above the signature line. More so than any other theme, the coffee messages have the most aggressive capitalization and punctuation, even to the point of being Grammatically Incorrect. All of these steps and categories and page reloads wouldn’t have been too big of a deal were it not for the fact that they were plagued with slow-loading pages and server side errors (probably timeouts).
First off, who do they think they are that they need a more aggressive timeout than the actual financial institution from which they’re linked. Secondly, if one of their customers dares to step away to get a cup of, let’s say, coffee, the state of their order is not saved.

Finally, think about this: Your routing number, account number, and zip code are on every check that you send out.
They do offer free shipping, but the free shipping takes an astonishing 14 days for delivery and it’s not trackable. If you want next-day delivery, be prepared to pay as much as the price of the checks over again at $21.50.
The worst part of this is that I can’t find a definitive answer, and John writes that even Deluxe’s customer service people were unable to give him a definitive answer!
In response to my first message, the one which actually concerned my order that was paid for with my hard-earned money? We apologize for the inconvenience and will make every attempt to serve you better in the future. I sent Deluxe an inquiry about my order and haven’t heard anything back in over a week. There are two important things about what Isabel wrote: First, she responded in less than 11 minutes. Hi, I read your rant after experiencing my own frustration and wondering whether I was the only one. I guess it was too much to hope for that they’d have updated their site in the last 6 months.

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Not only do you find thermometers in your commercial refrigerators, but thermometers are widely used in the kitchen to help cook protein to the right temperature. That’s what I want, hoping their site is more efficient at filtering through the design details than their space on the Chase website. You have also made me aware that the checks will probably NOT arrive in time for my house closing.
Hmmm, I’ll have to spend about 10 more minutes on this issue JUST TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE ISSUE.
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