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Railroad Equipment: There's been major advances in railroad construction techniques in recent decades.
News of a new Jeep Wrangler truck attracted a lot of attention earlier this year, but FCA remains tight-lipped about the details. To help fill in the gap, Road and Track published photos of a Jeep pickup prototype shot from a drone and offered their take on what to expect. While the prototype’s body is sheathed in a black covering, the photos reveal those hard Jeep lines and angles so familiar to the brand and its pickup concepts. The Verhelst Group already has another 10 Komatsu bulldozers in its fleet and was the first client in Belgium to purchase Komatsu’s caterpillar hybrid excavator, the HB215LC-1, as well. Verhelst has chosen the PX version that guarantees reduced ground pressure compared to the standard vehicle (the EX). Naturally, the engine is a Komatsu variable geometry turbocharger, the Stage 3B (also known as the Tier IV Interim in the USA) with an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system and particular filter which is able to regenerate (manually or automatically) even while the machine is in operation. In terms of comfort for the operator Komatsu has really done a great deal of work with this new generation of bulldozers.
Manually adjustable forks on fork holder plate; by means of a simple gesture, it is possible to work with the stacker moving loads of different dimensions, and to adapt the machine to the operator’s requirements. Shockproof casing made of sheet steel and ABS for containing all the primary components, control unit, battery, battery charger, etc. The current regulations in terms of safety at the workplace impose very strict limits on the manual movement of loads by the operator; therefore, the ALFA series represents the right and economical solution in order to move medium-light loads in compliance with the current regulations. The purpose of design and the large number of prototypes developed has always been to obtain not only excellent performance, but also a significant reduction of the probabilities of failure and a longer average life of the stacker; maintenance operations are facilitated by the simple opening system of the bodywork, which allows entering the machine body without obstacles.

For ARMANNI, the safety of operators is the main requirement when designing machines; structural calculations and simulation programmes lead to the creation of highly resistant frames in order to ensure maximum safety even with full load.
The complete safety equipment includes crush resistance fairing on the wheels, parking brake, mast mesh guards and emergency button. Customisation of machines with superior equipment and accessories such as different types of shaped cradles or forks for mounting reels or special structures in order to move special loads. Design of special structures and frames with customised size legs, masts for custom-made heights, reinforced structures, stainless steel or galvanised parts for special working environments.
Miley Cyrus's ever-present tongue has once again caused a stir, after a prop from her 'Bangerz' tour injured a construction worker. The 'Adore You' singer is currently on her 'Bangerz' tour, which sees her make her stage entrance on a giant slide designed to resemble her infamous tongue. It's now been reported that one of the construction workers who helped make the slide is to file a lawsuit after being injured while building it.
He says the tools provided to him were faulty, causing him to fall onsite and become injured. Meanwhile, Miley herself recently had a different kind of malfunction during the 'Bangerz' tour, after she failed to get dressed in time for a performance and was forced to go onstage in her underwear. The two were photographed sharing a brief kiss while Katy was in the 'Bangerz' tour audience, but she later told a US talk show "God knows where that tongue's been". All labor, material, and equipment to replace an Air Traffic Control Tower at Travis Air Force Base, California. Parts Export have supplied an impressive amount of refurbished cranes and parts for cranes.

And what we’re seeing over there bears an awful lot of resemblance to the custom-built Bandit Wrangler pickup (pictured in the image above) we saw last November at the SEMA show, although with a longer, slightly more rounded off bed that gives the truck more of a typical pickup look rather than that of a desert off-roader. The bulldozer delivered to Verhelst puts together an evolved electronic control system developed by Komatsu in collaboration with Topcon. This version weighs 18 770 kg in operating configuration, with a net power of 125 kW (at 2200 RPM). The cab is wider, higher, and deeper, with glass surfaces much broader to allow better visibility of the blade, the sides, and the rear, where help is provided by a video camera, characterized by excellent visibility even in the most challenging light and working conditions, whose images are displayed on the new LCD color monitor. While we update our website and price list on a regular basis, please confirm current product prices with an Event Specialist.
The automatic control of all the ground handling operations (and no longer just those towards the end of operations) is, in effect, able to guarantee its users a marked increase in productivity. Finally, the heated seat has also been revised and is now higher, allowing better prospects for control, and guaranteeing much better comfort in the long working hours that make up the operator’s day. Whilst in operation (with the parameters of the project already set), the system continuously monitors the task’s progress and the load on the blade, adjusting the height of the load accordingly to minimize the possibility of it slipping off, and therefore increasing the efficiency of the task (the measurements that Komatsu has used in the pre-launch tests of the DP61PXi-23 indicate a more than substantial productivity increase of 13%).

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