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In this project we are collecting air cylinder and store this energy to the compressor tank as non-conventional method by simply driving the vehicle. Man has needed and used energy at an increasing rate for his sustenance and well being ever since he came on the earth a few million years ago. To make use of wood and other bio mass to supply the energy needs for cooking as well as for keeping himself warm.
Till this time, it would not be wrong to say that the sun was supplying all the energy needs of man either directly or indirectly and that man was using only renewable sources of energy. The complete diagram of the compressed air production using vehicle suspensor is given below.

On Feb 29, 2012, Steve Sammartino tweeted that he was looking for funding a very interesting project. Build using 500,000 pieces of Lego, this air-powered Lego car can reach upto speeds of 20mph. The control mechanism carries the air cylinder (vehicle suspensor), quick exhaust valve, Non-return valve and spring arrangement. The spring is used to return the inclined L-angle window in same position by releasing the load.
Steve and Raul Oaida are being very careful while driving this thing on streets in Australia because they don't want to cleanup all these Lego on a street in case they hit a pothole at high speed.

Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor needs no fuel input power to produce the output of the air. With further demand for energy, man began to use the wind for sailing ships and for driving windmills, and the force of falling water to turn water wheels.
And all we have to do while sitting infront of our laptops and tablets is just admire this piece of art and engineering.

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