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The Charles Schwab High Yield Investor Checking Account has the best debit card for use outside the US. I recently used my Charles Schwab debit card to withdraw cash at ATMs in Mumbai and Hong Kong. My bank statement shows the withdrawals and 1 reimbursement for all the foreign ATM fees.  I saved ~$23 in just a few days of traveling. When traveling, I prefer to use a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees, but sometimes you have no choice but to use cash or debit. And remember to always pay in local currency, not US dollars, to avoid additional fees when using your credit card! This entry was posted in Charles Schwab, Chase, Chase Sapphire Preferred, Debit Cards, Foreign Transaction Fees, Save Money, Travel Tips. Editorial Disclaimer: Neither the responses below nor the editorial content on this page are provided or commissioned by the bank advertisers, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertisers.
Their mobile deposit for the first few months of having the account was slow, took a few days to process checks.
We will use this information to perform a credit inquiry with Equifax, an independent credit agency, to verify your identity.
I can confirm that Fidelity’s cash management account does reimburse foreign atm fees and charges no currency conversion fees. I just looked into the similar Fidelity Cash Management Account (since all my retirement accounts are at Fidelity) and unfortunately they charge a 1% foreign transaction fee and only allow use at certain types of ATMs. The Schwab account specifically states that there is no foreign transaction fee and can be used at any ATM worldwide. Scott, I have a great credit union account, but I still get charged ATM fees when I use a non-network bank ATM.
As for hard pulls, they do a second hard pull and have to approve accounts for mobile deposit, so it’s less great for that feature. I actually use my Schwab checking as a secondary account because they don’t have direct deposit requirements.
I use to work for Schwab as a Bank Specialist, I wanted to let you guys know its not a hard pull for opening a Investor Checking account. Please feel free to call Schwab Bank with questions, the people who work there enjoy speaking with you ?? did it two years i should know. I just spent three months waiting for my Schwab high yield investor checking account to be opened. After arguing with the account verification department and getting nowhere I am now dealing with a manager that has admitted she really doesn’t know what type of account I need.
I noticed on your statement with HK withdrawals, seems they took a huge chunk on the conversion.
After reading all the travel blogs praising the High Yield Investor account at Charles Schwab, I tried to open an account last week.
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The questions on the next screen will be generated by Equifax and will ask you to identify which installment and revolving credit amounts (such as mortgage or other loans), and their associated payments, may be yours. Unless system has changed, the foreign fees oten get missed & u then need to contact Chas Schwab Bank. I’m new to this account myself, but even in a short time have had a great experience with it. I asked one of their reps a week or two ago, and was told you need an investor account to sign up for this checking account.
Usually when this deal blogged the OPs forget to mention the hard pull which is important to note for anyone in the points and miles game ?? I went through the motions to open and read the credit pull language in the disclosure and left the app only to get a call from a well meaning Chuckee asking why? I chatted with two different ones today asking if a hard pull is required to open the Investor Checking account and both said yes it is required. Has anyone signed up for the account online and been APPROVED for an account without having to mail in a paper application?
Once you are approved, you just have to deposit money into the account and they will automatically send you a debit card and check book.
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American Express, Barclaycard, Chase, and US Bank are Million Mile Secrets advertising partners. Also, does the Schwab account utilize a hard pull on credit since it’s tied to an investment account as well? I’d add one thing, recommend also opening a savings account with them, to ease the transfer time and allow you to keep your money in savings and not checking, which is safer just in case the card is stolen or misplaced.
I was able to order a debit card from them with no hard pull since I am already a customer. The retail value of that shipment was over US$60, not to mention the trouble to have my card printed same-day.
It seems like the online application is a huge waste of time and I should’ve just completed the fill-in PDF. I called Schwab and was told they needed to verify my identity before a ATM card would be issued.
Somerset Savings Bank offers checking account, savings accounts and several home equity products.Checking Accounts Somerset’s Free Checking Account is quite attractive to consumers.
Write on the back your name, first name and the date of first utilization : From then your pass will be activated for 2, 4 or 6 consecutive days. Opinions expressed here are the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or endorsed by our partners.
I am OK with the 1% fee and aware that I might have to fight over the ATM fees (as mentioned elsewhere online).
Then I looked at the Fidelity option, which is not as great but it will have to do for now.

When I opened my account they even had an advisor contact me and we chatted about my reasons for opening the account, and we shared stories about traveling to Central America. I had to wait for the tiny verification amounts to be deposited into my bank account and then go online to verify those deposits.
Okay strike one but mistakes happen… I get to the verification department and am told I will be given 4 questions to prove my identity or else I will need to visit a local branch. When I tried to open the Schwab brokerage and High Yield Investor Checking account they flagged my IP address as originating outside the US as I was filling out the online forms–and now are putting a hold on the account until I can appear in person with two forms of ID. I told them that I would not be able to visit a local branch as I live on a US military base outside of the country. I suppose the way around this if you try to open the account from overseas is to fill out the PDF paper application forms, sign and scan, then email to a US friend living in the area of your driver’s license address and have the forms post mailed. They immediately say I do not qualify for the High yield investor checking and my account will be closed if I primarily use it internationally.
Furthermore, banking customers have access to free online banking, bill payments and electronic statements.The bank’s Interest Checking Account is for consumers who want to see their money grow over the course of a year’s time.
Some of the features are unlimited check writing, free ATM card, free initial checks, online banking, online bill pay and electronic statements. The account has a $1,500 minimum monthly balance, however, and consumers who fall below the minimum balance will be assessed a fee. Those who have more than $500 will accrue interest on those funds.The Business Checking Account has a minimum balance of $100 for opening a new account.
However, the first 14 checks of each month are free, and the first 15 deposits in the month are free, as well.Savings Accounts The Passbook Savings Account is a flexible basic savings account that customers can open with as little as $10. The interest that a person earns on the account goes to the person in monthly allotments instead of yearly allotments. Additionally, the account offers unlimited deposits and withdrawals if the person does the withdrawals in person.The Tiered Savings Account provides the customer with an opportunity to earn money at a higher tier than with other savings account products. The tiered savings account provides the user with unlimited deposits and up to six electronic funds transactions.
Additionally, it offers some of the same benefits as some of the other accounts do.The Provider Money Market Account gives the person additional money earning potential and the check writing ability. The bank also offers its customers IRA accounts and Certificates of Deposit.Home Loan Products Somerset Savings Bank has a wide variety of mortgage loan options. The company offers a fixed rate mortgage, an adjustable rate mortgage, and a permanent financing program.
The company offers low-income options to people who are struggling to obtain a new home, as well. Additionally, fixed rate home equity lines and home equity credit lines are available for banking customers.Opening an Account at Somerset Savings Bank Opening an account as Somerset Savings Bank is easy. An easy-to-use online application process is available for people who would like to sign up in the comfort of their homes.
The person will have to provide information about their address, employment situation, and the type of account they would like to open.
Next, the applicant will have to read four disclosure statements and check a box to verify that he or she has read them. The entire process takes less than five minutes to complete.Somerset Savings Bank has a strong reputation with consumers. Consumers have recently rated it with five stars for its wide variety of banking options and its high level of customer service.
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